New Logo Design for Social Enterprise Coalition


The Social Enterprise Coalition is a UK group that aims to promote social enterprise, as the name suggests. The association recently changed their name to Social Enterprise UK and changed their logo design as well.

But first, we feel the need to offer a definition for social enterprise so that readers will understand what we are talking about. A social enterprise is somewhat of a hybrid between a charity and a normal capitalist company. They may be non-profit or have a more traditional structure, but they are all bound together by their social goals. While a traditional business may give to philanthropic causes sometimes, this is not their entire goal. A social enterprise, on the other hand, serves only to fund charities.

The logo design for the Social Enterprise Coalition seemed to have little to do with this unique business model. It featured the name in plain black letters with waves emitted from the upper left hand side. The new logo for Social Enterprise UK is more relevant, with thicker upper case lettering filled with the images of people. Most social enterprises focus on helping people, and certainly all of them are run by people, so this is definitely a more appropriate logo for the field. In addition, the new design simply looks better. It feels more modern and is more recognizable.

The change in name is somewhat controversial because there are already groups representing the same business model in Scotland and Wales. These groups argue that the new name implies that the organisation represents the entire UK, which is currently does not. However, Social Enterprise UK contends that they changed the name because the old name does not represent their new goals. While the organisation began as a lobbying group, it now offers a variety of services to both its members and the community as a whole. As a spokesperson said days ago, “We wanted a simple name that captures why we’re here and what we stand for.”

How successful is social enterprise? According to a recent report released by the company, it is much more so than most UK businesses. Well over half of all social enterprises grew in last year’s down-trending economy, compared to barely over a quarter of all small to mid-sized businesses in the UK. Over half of all social enterprises predict further growth in the coming year as well.

Social enterprise is one of the newer business models in the UK, and it is one that is making meaningful change in communities throughout the globe. However, like all UK businesses, a social enterprise needs to have an appealing logo design and corporate brand. If you are running any type of business, it is important that your brand be visually appealing to you core market. More important, your logo design must present important information about your business and your products to your customer base. If you are concerned about whether your brand lives up to this goal, talk to a logo designer.