New List of Most Valuable British Brands Released


Once again, Brand Finance has released a list of the most valuable British brands. It is no surprise to branding and logo design consultants that Vodafone tops the list.

This list was heavy in telecommunication, banking, and retail brands, with three of the first variety in the top ten. However, Vodafone was a clear winner over other telecom brand winners BT and Orange. O2, on the other hand, is in the running still, having climbed to slot number 16. The brand value of the top ten brands on the Brand Finance list has risen several billion dollars just over the last year, apparently unaffected by the current recession. This only goes to show the power of branding in today’s fickle economy.

Vodafone is not a winner due solely to their performance in the UK. The brand and logo design are well recognized all over the world, especially in emerging markets such as India and Africa. This brings good tidings for the company, as these markets are projected to show the most growth over other, more saturated markets. It also established the brand in Britain as a solid, iconic choice. When British people travel overseas, they see the Vodafone logo and take notice at least subconsciously.

How has Vodafone survived to be the last UK company in the so-called ‘big five’ of mobile networks? First, it maintains strong British roots, avoiding alienating their home audience as other brands have done to their own detriment. However, Vodafone also established an internationally appealing brand and logo design, then took these to new markets. While Vodafone will always have to fight to maintain its market in the UK, its overseas performance will give the company a strong core.

Vodafone also has chosen wisely when it comes to sponsorships and co-branding. Events such as London Fashion Weekend and Formula One racing are a few of the conspicuous places where this logo design has been seen. This has added to the brand, with many of the customers polled mentioned the racing team especially.
In the face of a recession, Vodafone cut immediately from other areas while maintaining their marketing budget. The company has only just decided to take a 10% cut in marketing, now that their international brand has momentum. This is wise timing that kept them a British standard while larger companies faltered for lack of good branding and customers outreach.

When the economy is down, many people prefer to deal with companies that they can trust to deliver. Vodafone made the excellent decision to push that angle while competitors were silenced by tightened belts in marketing and branding budgets. The moral of this story is clear: when a recession hits, the only way to remain solvent is to keep marketing your business and your brand. Get the logo design and branding consultants that you need to succeed and then ruthlessly promote them. This is not just a survival strategy in hard times; it is the formula for becoming yet another well-recognized UK icon.