New Lily Allen Brand Laptop


We have seen many celebrities put their name on different products to bring exposure to both themselves and the product. In most cases, these co-branding schemes make sense, such as when Kate Moss collaborated with Topshop. However, how many people in the UK associate singer Lily Allen with Samsung laptops? We’re willing to bet not many.

Lily Allen is no stranger to business. The twenty-five year old singer recently opened a vintage clothing store with her sister in London named Lucy In Disguise. The logo design for this store is decidedly retro, with a girly pink colour scheme and an image of a woman wearing an old fashioned mask. This ties into the name of the store while hinting at the old fashioned nature of the clothing. The writing is in thin black lettering, again in a feminine yet old school font.

It is easy to see this logo design working well with the Lily Allen brand. However, a laptop seems a little more farfetched. There are many good things that fans could say about Lily Allen: that she is attractive, popular, has a superior sense of style, and possesses an unusual amount of singing and music writing talent. However, even the most dedicated fan would not claim that they associate the songstress with technology or computers. This hardly seems like a marriage made in heaven!

There is another brand to be considered in this unusual blend: that of laptop maker Samsung. This company is associated with many qualities, including technological superiority, dependability, and resilience. The list of qualities possessed by this company does not even overlap with those possessed by Lily Allen. It is difficult to see how this unlikely partnership was made, but it is certainly as brash as Lily herself.

Lily Allen has said that she is pleased with the design of the laptop and cannot wait to purchase one herself. If you are interested in owning a Lucy In Disguise laptop of your own, the computers will be sold at Miss Allen’s Covent Garden shop. They will come with the modern features one expects from a Samsung laptop, including a 13 inch screen, an Intel processor, and an NVIDIA graphics card. They also will bear the logo design of Lucy In Disguise, although the range of colours has not been publically released as of yet.

If you are looking for co-branding opportunities for your company, please don’t use this as an example. Lily Allen and Samsung are not just unlikely partners but completely unsuited ones as well. While the laptops will probably sell due to the association with Lily Allen, this was probably not a wise choice. There are plenty of businesses out there that will make a better match for your company and help to build your brand to the prominence that you desire. Talk to a branding consultant or a professional logo designer today about which partners would be good choices for your own business brand.