New Jersey Schools Students Logo

By Mash Bonigala

In Hopewell Valley, New Jersey, students do more than hear about green living and graphic design; they are getting to experience both processes and make a mark on their community as well. Thanks to a generous grant from Sustainable Jersey, The local green organization the Hopewell Valley Green Team will be hiring the help of a student to help them promote green living in the area.

The grant money is small at just one thousand dollars, but the money will stretch to cover several necessary tasks. First, the money will be used to hire an area student to create contact lists of interested individuals and organizations in the area. This will necessitate contacting area businesses, residences, churches, green advocacy groups, and even local government officials. This task is a formidable one, but it has an expected completion date of this coming January.

Second, the grant money will be used to hold a high school logo design contest in the area. This contest, which will only be open to area schools, will offer a prize for the best logo design for the Hopewell Valley Green Team. This logo is not just a fun project for students; it will appear on all of the association’s communications and promotional materials, functioning in the same capacity as a professionally created students logo design would.

Last, a portion of the funds will be used to promote sustainable living in the Hopewell Valley. This will include brochures bearing the winning students logo design that will offer ways to lower one’s carbon footprint and contact information for the organization and other local resources. Informational displays will also be created and presented at government buildings in the three towns making up Hopewell Valley. These displays, which will also be presented at fairs, carnivals, and other local educational events, will offer ideas for creating a greener home as well as information on green projects such as composting and rain barrels.

This money clearly is being stretched to its maximum capacity. However, The Hopewell Valley Green Team was not the only recipient of grant funds. Twenty different groups in New Jersey received a similar small grant from Sustainable Jersey for the same purpose: to promote green living in the state through outreach and information. The low dollar amount of the project is partially due to many dedicated volunteers who run the organization and its projects.

While having a child design your logo is rarely a good idea, in this case it may actually work. Because the community is aware of the contest and supportive of it, they likely will put their support behind even a less professional image. It should be noted that professional designers are aware of ways to express a company’s purpose through logo design and have been trained over several years of work and education. While the Hopewell Valley Green Team will likely need a professional logo design in the future, this project will gain support from the youngest members of the community and create a sense of togetherness in the quest for greener living.