New Hotel Offers Welsh Island Getaway


Where will you be going on your next holiday? If you are like many people in the UK, you will be staying close to home. Luckily, there is a new choice on the Isle of Anglesey that offers a classic country house experience with thoroughly modern amenities.

Tre-ysgawen Hall offers the only four star hotel in Anglesey as well as a full range of spa services and access to all that this Welsh island has to offer. Clean beaches, lush scenery, and world famous 18 hole golf courses are just a short jaunt away from the hotel’s spacious grounds. While this is expected from a hotel with this rating, the place where the hotel truly shines is in its distinctly Welsh brand.

Unlike many modern luxury hotels, Tre-ysgawen Hall is located in a sympathetically remodelled country house. The furnishings have been chosen to reflect the house’s history and style. The restaurant and wine bar have been designed to compliment this brand image as well. The Clock Tower Cafe Wine Bar, located of course in the home’s clock tower, offers a variety of light dishes throughout the day in a rustic setting. Noelle’s Bar and Restaurant features constantly changing menus featuring local and seasonal products, many of which are grown on the hotel grounds. This restaurant is more formal, with world class food and a substantial wine selection.

The spa is located in another building, which was once the manor houses’s stables. This ultra modern facility offers a pleasant, contemporary diversion from the traditional atmosphere of the main building. Here, guests can enjoy the latest beauty treatments, or instead relax in the swimming pool with adjacent steam room and whirlpool bath.

Welsh Logo Design

The Tre-ysgawen Hall logo design conveys this luxury mix of modern and old. The dominant image is of a T written in ornate traditional calligraphy. The bold cobalt background is reminiscent of the sea while also a calming hue befitting a spa. The metallic gold accents are definitely reflective of the high quality, luxury experience that the hotel offers. The full hotel name is written in a scrolling font that is classic yet fancy, also reflecting the type of experience that patrons can expect.

What makes the Tre-ysgawen Hall brand unique? First, it is the only truly luxury experience available in the area. Second, it is definitely tied to its place in every way, from the decor to the types of food offered at the on site restaurant. This combination of distinctly Welsh history and experience makes the hotel completely unique, which is an attractive position to occupy. More important, this UK hotel has a brand that is likely to be inviting to people from London and all over the UK. The attractive and perfectly suitable logo design is a visual representation of the brand that will invite people to find out what a visit to a Welsh manor and spa has to offer. The strength of this brand is sure to give Tre-ysgawen Hotel the chance of success that it deserves.