New Delta Logo That Breathed In New Life


An intelligently worked out logo can save you even from the ultimate doom! Sounds exaggerated? The newly designed logo pumped in oxygen into ailing Delta Airlines that was finally able to bid good bye to bankruptcy protection and survived a hostile takeover bid. This concludes its nineteen and half month long reorganization process that called for a steep cut down in its work force and facelift for its fleet.

During the restructuring period, the airlines has taken up a number of reform measures including retrenchment to reduce labor costs and pension burden, laying down a step by step financial plan for future, and repairing the existing airbuses.

But most important among them is surely the huge rebranding efforts that cost the company some $10 million.

This formidable airline company also announced painting plans for its aircrafts which will feature Delta’s new logo set on a blue background on the tail of aircraft. The new logo will appear on more than 900 Delta and Delta Connection planes, at airports. In addition to that, all the Delta ad campaigns in print or internet would feature this new Delta logo. As rightly observed by Ray Neidl, an airline analyst with Calyon Securities in New York “It’s a new airline, it’s a new day, so you might as well have a new color” .

However, the company is expected to undergo more image makeover. It was revealed by Betsy Talton, a Delta spokeswoman, at a news conference at the company’s Atlanta headquarters that “additional investments in Delta’s image will be unveiled” The announcement was made a few hours after the airline exits bankruptcy protection. A Boeing 757 is scheduled to take off Monday from Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, sporting the new colors and logo.

A noted aviation personnel observed that the future health of this gigantic carrier may lie in a new advertising campaign. However, making up the aircrafts with new logo is going to prove a time consuming task. It would definitely help the company to enhance its brand, but it would take time and money to cover the entire Delta fleet consisting of several hundred aircraft.

Delta provides good case study of the importance of branding facelift in the survival of a business entity. It also establishes the direct connection between the brand and the logo and how logo helps in the image enhancement. In case of Delta, the branding efforts based on a new logo clicked to the perfection; today the company is once again going to face the world with confidence – thanks to designers who created this new logo for the company.