New Daytona Beach Bike Week Logo Chosen


If the purpose of a logo design is to give a professional image, then Daytona Beach, Florida takes their biking seriously. In anticipation of the 70th anniversary of the area’s popular Bike Week, the Festival Task Force has selected an official logo design. This is no small community rally, but rather the world’s largest motorcycling event. It is represented every year by a motorcycle logo design chosen by a committee from a variety of admissions from amateurs and professionals in the Daytona Beach community.

This logo came not from an amateur, but from a public relations company in a nearby area with a full time in-house illustrator and designer. This company has been responsible for four different logo design winners in the past decade. This logo obviously has the marks of a professional, which one would expect. Although it is a modern design, it uses fonts, colors, and images that were in common use during the first Bike Week in 1941. The red color is certainly eye-catching, while the black is a good contrast. The circular shape of the logo ties into the shape of a wheel and also is a friendly touch. The banners above and below the image are a retro touch that also implies excellence. Using the image of an old-fashioned wheel to form the zero in the number seventy is clever and relevant as well.

What will a logo design do for this event? First, it will make it easy to identify and recognize different official communications regarding this event. Second, it will increase community pride, especially within the biking community. Third, it may bring in additional revenue, as the sales of t-shirts and branded merchandise will likely increase when the image is more attractive and professional. Last, a logo gives a sense of what to expect from the event or company at hand. In this case, people can expect a modern yet somewhat retro celebration with a lot of references to the past of this festival.

One important thing that festivals and the visuals representing them can accomplish is increasing community pride. People who take part in these events will have a heightened sense of community pride and be more likely to make decisions in their daily lives that support a sense of pride in the area. They also will be more likely to take part in other community events. A well-branded community event with an appropriate and inviting logo design can be the first step in starting a chain of events that lead to increased overall community spirit.

If you are a Daytona Beach resident or are planning a vacation to the area, you may want to visit during this anniversary Bike Week, which will occur on March 4 through 13 of next spring. Just remember to bring your bike and your sense of old-fashioned fun! With a logo design like this and a variety of festivities being planned, this is sure to be an enjoyable event for everyone involved.