New Comet Logo, Font, and Marketing Campaign


With almost 250 stores in the UK, there are few mass retailers as well-known as Comet. With a history dating back to 1933, the retailer has been through more than a few logo designs and brand identities. However, the Comet corporation is gearing up for another change, with a new logo, a new strapline, and a new marketing campaign designed to bring them into the new decade with a bang.

At a glance, the two logos are relatively similar. Both feature rounded lettering and a stylized comet. However, the old logo design was somewhat retro, in black and gold with Atari-era slanted lettering. The new logo retains the bright youth appeal and friendly feeling of the old one, but with modern updates. A muted orange is the new colour, while the writing is in non-italicized lower case letters. The comet has a little more curve to create a better balanced overall image.

One of the details that make the new logo design successful is the way the last three letters have the same gentle curve at the lower right side. This shape also ties in to the newly emphasized curve in the comet image. While most people will not consciously register this, it leads to an overall feeling of balance and is a mark of good design.

The strapline has undergone a much larger transformation. ‘We live electricals’ was a good representative of the brand, but it lacked any personality or branding power. The new wording is ‘Come and Play’, which has endless branding possibilities. The phrase is already being used in advertising, with television spots showing employees enjoying the merchandise in less busy moments. This also mirrors a shift in the customers’ perception of electricals, with an increasing emphasis on making everyday devices fun and user-friendly.

Because Comet is not exactly known for a positive buying experience or good customer service, this change in brand will have to be paired with a change in the way the store does business. However, the new identity may convince disgruntled former customers to give the store a second try. If the stores are made more fun and better service is offered, the Comet rebranding will be successful.

The new brand was born this fall with a new advertising campaign, but we are just now seeing the transformation completed. Will the new identity be as effective as the old one? Judging from the well-crafted logo design and marketing, we think it will.

If a brand has developed a somewhat negative image in the eyes of consumers, rebranding is an essential part of building a new reputation. The new logo design and new identity signal that the store in question has changed. Comet may have a lot of baggage to deal with, but this is common in retail chains. If your business needs a fresh external identity to represent internal changes, consulting with a branding expert and a logo designer is an essential part of beginning the process.