New Brand Concept for UK Brides


If you are a bride or planning to become one in the near future, you have probably visited This UK website is only one year old, but they have made a sizeable mark on the industry with 16,000 visitors every month. However, the relatively new website is rebranding and introducing a new sister site at the same, which just may help the business to overtake an even larger share of the UK wedding and event market.

Weddings are big business in the UK, but it can be difficult for the discerning bride to find the supplies they want without traversing the country. addresses this need, providing a place for wedding suppliers and the consumers seeking them to meet up in one accessible forum. In addition, there are support forums for brides, professional wedding planners, and other people involved in nuptials to share tips, resources, and support. will be a continuation of the original website.

The UK website’s logo design features the word ‘wedding’ in large grey letters with the rest of the web address below in a smaller font. Colours are likely avoided purposefully to give a more sophisticated feeling and also to avoid ‘clashing’ with whatever colours the bride in question is imagining for her ceremony. Rounded letters give a friendly, approachable feeling that will likely appeal to the weary engaged couple, while the Ds are drawn to resemble two wedding rings. The strapline to the right advises new visitors of what they can expect from the website.

This UK logo design is a good one because it is simple but relevant to its audience and the business in general. The GatheredHere logo design has not yet been released, but it hopefully will be similar in brand to the existing one of its sister site. While each website needs its own unique identity, having complimentary elements will make it easy for the two to coexist and maintain a solid parent brand.

Does the UK really need two websites dedicated to weddings? While it may seem redundant, the new site will be more retail driven and have a very different brand from WeddingForum. The emphasis will be on promoting a one stop shop for weddings with a variety of goods to please any taste and budget range. WeddingForum, on the other hand, is more dedicated to discussion and advice, with retail playing a major but not definitive role. Planning a wedding can be stressful for the modern bride with a limited budget and high hopes, as well as a career and all the other demands of contemporary UK life.

Rebranding is an essential part of expanding any UK business. You must ensure that there is a salient ‘umbrella’ brand with the individual businesses each maintaining their own image as well. This can be a delicate balance, but it is a challenge that professional logo designers deal with on a daily basis. If you need help walking the tightrope, talk to a logo designer today.