New Baby Line Coming to New Zealand and the UK


Many people claim that there is no room for new premium lines in today’s economy, but small business owners all over London, the UK, and even the world are proving these naysayers wrong every day. The latest small business success is an infant clothing line known as Biisoo.

Biisoo is by nature a premium brand. The main product at this point is homemade knitted clothing and accessories for babies and toddlers. Each piece is made by hand, requiring hours of labour, and as a result each item is completely unique. As you can guess, the result is an extremely high quality product with a price tag to match.

This business had an unlikely beginning. Rebekah Patrick-Davis entered a contest in which the prize was a large amount of knitting wool. When she won the prize, she found herself knitting garments that were both classic and modern, with workmanship that guaranteed they could be passed down for generations. She immediately saw the business idea in this, and this idea would become her baby knitwear line. The first step was developing the product; the second step was developing the brand and children logo design that would present this product to the world.

The logo design is simple and classic, to match the garments that the brand offers. The name is written in a simple font in all lower case letters. While the letters are friendly in all lower case printing, they have serifs reminiscent of a newspaper. This combination of friendliness and seriousness is a reflection of the combination of classic techniques and modern sensibilities that defines this brand, making this a logo design success.

When you are selling a premium product for an equally premium price, it is important to use high quality ingredients. Biisoo has kept the use of the very best local wools as a core part of the brand. All garments are made from organic wool collected from locally raised sheep. Premium accents include silk ribbons, humanely produced leather, and even mother of pearl. Free trade practices are a key part of the company’s brand, and in addition, a percentage of profits are donated to charities helping children.

Because the brand is only in its infancy, a limited range of products are currently available. The Layette Collection includes classic layette items for babies under the age of one, including rompers, blankest, and jackets in sweet pastels. The Play Collection is the next step up, made for the active toddler. Last, a Limited Collection is offered every year with premium ingredients and a limited number of garments. This range of products may be small, but it shows promise for a bright future.

Biisoo may have a cohesive brand, but the company is still a newborn itself. Currently sold in boutiques throughout New Zealand as well as an international website, this line of premium knitwear will be available in British boutiques in the very near future. It is easy to see style conscious and tradition loving Brits embracing this brand and bringing Biisoo a bright future.