New and Humorously Named UK Clothing Label Launches


What does the name Fat Kyds make you think of? Regardless of the image that comes to mind, few people would guess that this is the name of a new high end fashion label. However, this clothing logo design appears to specialize in unconventional choices. Although the website is already up and selling, the official launch of the brand in March will show whether this brand resonates with people in the UK.

The brand aims to combined art and music into their line of limited edition, highly fashion forward t-shirts. Each t-shirt line will be designed by an up and coming artist in residence. The first clothing line is designed by artist Athier Mousawi, who is featured prominently on the website. Explanations of the designs, including their meanings and the methods used to create them, is featured, creating a story that many UK consumers can identify with. Because the lines are limited in production, each t-shirt is quite literally a collectable work of art, similar to the signed and numbered prints that many people use to decorate their homes.

A focus on charity is another key brand aspect. The brand has partnered with well known charity Nordoff Robbins in a brilliant cobranding move. The charity will receive one pound for every t-shirt that Fat Kyds sells. This focus on giving back not only helps the charity in question; it also gives Fat Kyds an extra shot of legitimacy while only taking a small percentage of the company profit.

As with many modern clothing lines, including several who are Fat Kyds’ direct competition, ecology and social justice are both important parts of the Fat Kyds brand. The cotton t-shirts are made entirely from fair trade materials and manufactured within the UK. The printing itself uses a low waste, water based method that reduces the impact on the environment. The company goes out of its way to discover new and interesting ways of being green, then is careful to communicate with customers about their successes in this area.

A last key part of the Fat Kyds brand is the uniqueness of the product. “Remember that feeling as a kid when you got a shiny new pair of sneakers and couldn’t wait to get to school to show your friends?” the website reads. “Remember when your mate showed up with the same pair? Yeah… not gonna happen with us.” For people who are always looking for the latest, most exclusive fashions, these t-shirts may prove to be very enticing.

Limited edition t-shirts may seem like a stretch, but in fashion anything is possible. This brand is unusual enough to grab attention among UK consumers while also keeping key socially acceptable values such as ecology and giving back. Whether this combination is successful remains to be seen, but the brand seems to be building a significant amount of interest among fashion lovers all over the UK. Better yet, the brand of this company seems to be compelling and unique, which gives their audience something to believe in.