Website Music, How can it effect your web design?


Website Music symbolism is a subject entirely too complex for a logo design blog, so I will not be covering that today. However the feel of music can be general enough that I believe that can get a good glance in a short post. Because website music is very personal the web design using it would have to be personal as well.

It seems apparent to me that there are at least two main ways to go about setting up a website using music. The first of which would be going from the ground up, picking a play list, going with a strong set of song that personify the meaning of the website. The second would be to build a website, and try a set of songs that would fit, seeing which songs worked and which ones didn’t until there was an appropriately long set getting your ideas across.

The first approach I mentioned, which I will refer to as the “bottom up” approach could be done in this manner. What are popular songs among the demographic? More importantly could be, what genre of website music is popular? There are numerous reasons for this the main one being, you do not want to alienate the target demographic of the website.

After the music type is established, what songs are popular? It may be suggested to stay away from those songs on your website. People of a specific demographic have likely heard those songs enough to have them memorized, and while that may be good for part of the play list, people generally like new music. Keep them interested with songs that may be new to them as well as a few they’ll recognize.

There are a number of ways to determine what songs are close in style to a given song. A suggestion is, they generally play music similar to the chosen band or song. There are also archetypes of music to choose from, though this could be a little more hit and miss. Find songs that both flow, and complement one another for this. Keep in mind the set list should be long, but not hours long.

Perhaps look at the albums you are drawing the songs from. What are themes that are present in all of them? What color schemes could be used to tie the song list into the rest of the web page? Ultimately these decisions will make the bulk of the web page, though the song choices will be more demanding than the other option for song choice.

Now let us delve into the other posted option, making a CMS website and choosing music for it. This option is more strait forward , but not necessarily easier. This approach can test the limits of how cohesive the web site is as a whole. If there are parts that work less well, this could be exaggerated by adding website music. Remember a unified structure is important to convey professionalism which is generally important.

When all is said and done web sites with web design music can be effective for strengthening a base of support. However the connection between music and product has to be strong. The web design music should create a feeling of connectedness with between the website and the audience, garnering a strong bridge of interest for the audience to cross.