Munch 5 a Day Website


Healthy eating can be a challenge for modern people, not so much because of a lack of good intentions as a lack of time and energy for keeping track of one’s diet. For this reason, there is a huge market for handy tools that make it easy to use your technology to lead a healthier life. Munch 5 a Day is a website dedicated to one of these handy tools, a smartphone app that makes it easy to track your fruit and vegetable intake and thus improve it.

Website Reviewed:

However, there are a variety of applications and digital tools offering similar services, which means that the biggest challenge for Munch 5 a Day is to differentiate itself from the competition. This is the sole purpose of the website. A clean blue background gives the brand a wholesome feeling, while bright colors add a friendly touch. Navigation bars at the top make it easy to find information about the app, from exactly what features it offers to testimonials. Indeed, many people feel that this is a life changing smartphone application, and it has even been named one of the top five Health and Fitness apps. This information is easy to access on the homepage, which will definitely make website visitors more likely to buy the app.

The information is all fit on one page, which might be a little crowded for most businesses but is probably just right for an app. There isn’t a lot to explain about the smartphone application, which is why we applaud this company’s wise decision to keep it simple.

Creativity: 3 stars. There’s nothing surprising here, but the use of color, shape, and font combines to create a wholesome and well rounded brand that will appeal to people looking for ways to incorporate better eating habits into their lives.

Ease of use: 5 stars. Everything you need to know is fit on one page, and you can even find exactly what you need on that page with just a click thanks to the navigation bar at the top.

Functionality: 5 stars. As you would expect from a product such as this, there is a substantial social networking presence. In addition, you are given links to the iPhone app store and several other websites featuring the Munch 5 a Day app.

Content: 5 stars. Content is sparse, but this is because the app speaks for itself. The important information is relayed in a believable and professional manner.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. The Munch 5 a Day website is perfect for the product that it represents. It offers not too much or too little on any front, but rather a happy medium.

Overall: 4.6 stars. There’s not a lot to say about this app, but the website instead sells the brand. This is always a wise decision, and we bet this app will soon be seen on an increasing number of phones as more Americans try to whittle their waistlines through better diet.