MTV Tr3s Expands into the Internet with Online Partner


You probably are familiar with the MTV logo design and brand, but you may not be familiar with its many incarnations. MTV runs several different TV channels that have a modified version of the MTV brand. One of these is Tr3s, which is the shorthand name for MTV, Música y Más. This bilingual channel for the American Latino community will be rebranding its web presence, partnering with for a website that will introduce new Latino artists and give the undiscovered a chance at stardom.

The new website, which is at, will feature original music from less well-known, allowing users to vote for their favorites. Every month, the top-rated musicians will have the chance to be featured on Tr3s’s channel, which can be the opportunity of a lifetime for an unsigned musical act.

This is a great branding move for both companies. Although we are not familiar with Tr3s, it is probably struggling to keep up with digital music the same way the English language MTV is. Modern people have an almost endless supply of music at their fingertips through online music websites. We are not dependent on music television channels to show us our favorites or to tell us which musicians we should like. The internet allows us to make our own decisions. is a part of this phenomenon. It allows virtually unknown artists to put their work into public view rather than depending on a studio to discover them. They can be discovered by their future fan base instead. This method also gives them a greater chance of having solid sales when they do get a contract and put out a CD. After all, the people who supported them with votes will likely support them by buying their music and attending concerts as well.

What will get from this? First, they are now going to be the go-to place for unknown musicians. Second, this will give them a major PR boost and also bring the huge Latino market to their site. Websites like this need a lot of traffic and interaction to maintain their place at the top; a partnership with Tr3s will certainly supply this.

Tr3s is also placing themselves at the top of the market by being responsive to their fans and offering an interactive experience that allows fans to have some input into the programming. This has been a highly successful model in the past; consider the popularity of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. People develop favorites and follow them religiously, even inspiring a little fanaticism.

Fans can vote for their favorites at the new website. A group of fan favorites will be selected and then the winner chosen by a group of industry experts. The winning act will be featured on several Tr3s shows, including ‘Lo Que Te Pica’ and ‘Music My Güey’, as well as written about on industry blogs. This is a huge branding opportunity, but also a huge opportunity for both fans and musicians. Co-branding is one of the most successful brand strategies, and this collaboration seems built for success.