MTV Europe Channel Changes Logo Design


Viva had modest beginnings as a German music channel in 1993, but it has since then grown to be part of the huge MTV Europe network. The channel now has audiences in not just Germany, but the UK and other European countries as well. However, this international television logo is in for a change of image. The Viva logo has been modified for a more modern and certainly sharper image.

Triangles are popular symbols of strength, and the old logo capitalized on this by using the shape for every single letter. However, the strong image was softened by rounded edges, while the letters I and A were distinguished by different colour choices. However, the white fill of the I made it feel somewhat hollow, which detracted from the strong image that the brand was seeking. In addition, the bubbly shapes felt dated and off-the-mark for a young, hip audience. This logo design was definitely in need of a little rehab.

The new Viva logo is similar and uses the basic idea of the old logo design with a few modern twists. The four triangles that make up the name have been modified from rounded blobs to hard triangles with points that look like they could hurt someone. This is definitely a youthful brand with a minimalist German style that hearkens back to the channel’s beginning. This connection to the brand’s roots is one of the major strengths of the new logo design and visual image.

Our main criticism of this logo design is that the letters I and the A are identical, which assumes that audiences know what the name of the channel is before they even tune in. However, considering the clout that MTV carries around the globe, this just may be the case. Most viewers are already familiar with the rounded triangles, so moving to sharper monochromatic ones will not be a huge leap. This is certainly a confident logo: all hard edges and bold shapes, created with the assumption that most people in the audience will already be familiar with the brand.

As we have mentioned in posts examining other television channel logos, this genre needs a simple image that can be placed at the bottom of a television screen with high recognition, so ‘surfing’ viewers can identify easily what channel they are watching. The hard triangular V will certainly serve this purpose. In addition, the shape is simple enough that it can be animated, used with other colour schemes, and otherwise modified without losing its basic shape.

This logo design is both reminiscent of the brand’s roots and appealing to the current market. Although it makes certain assumptions, these seem warranted considering the size of the fan base. This logo design may not be perfect, but it is a great fit for Viva’s audience and the type of material being shown today. Further, it is a good example of how a rebranding can include images and emotions from the original logo design while presenting an entirely new persona.