Move With Us Moves to a New Logo Design


If you are looking for property in the UK, the first thing you likely are going to do is to choose a property expert to help you along the way. For many consumers, a logo design is an important part of what company they choose. Housing logos tell UK home buyers a lot about whether they should choose a certain business.

What makes a housing logo design work well in the UK market? First, they often—but not always—contain a reference to their line of business. This can be done with an image of a home or even a tagline that refers to the industry. Second, a logo design must contain clues as to the character of a business—their brand. Because these logo designs are seen on a variety of paperwork and signage, it is important that they be top notch in every way. The market in the UK, particularly in London, is competitive enough that there are a variety of businesses to choose from in every conceivable niche.

The old Move With Us logo design lacked the details needed to tell customers about their core brand. Although the colours were calming and complimented the informal feeling of the rounded, lower case script, there was nothing to make the logo memorable. It was, in a word, forgettable, which is the last thing any company wants to be.

The new logo design is a vast improvement because it tells us about what sets this company apart from the others. Similar blue hues are present, but they are accented with neon green and a bold yellow. An image of a rainbow has been added to give a very positive feeling. While the type is also similar to the former font, it is bolder and has been arranged to create a clean and memorable image. The industry of the company is obvious from the tagline.

Bold writing gives a more substantial feeling that is well suited to this business. Further, while the old logo design did not even hint at the industry that Move With Us served, the addition of a tagline makes this clear. The colour palette has been expanded and refined so that it can now be an integral part of the company brand. People who are looking for a friendly, approachable company to serve their home buying needs will definitely find this logo inviting.

This logo design, is a huge improvement over its predecessor. More important, it forms the basis for a more recognizable company brand. The new Move With Us logo sets the foundation for a brand that is different from all of the others in their industry, which is important in any business.