Move Over Grey Goose

By Mash Bonigala

Vodka has become one of the most popular spirits in the United States. It is my default liquor, the thing I choose when there are no good whiskies or other interesting spirits to try. High quality vodka is easy to drink straight but also stands on its own in martinis and cocktails. I usually get Grey Goose in vodka drinking situations; it is present on almost every bar shelf and has a consistent flavor. Indeed, it is hard to think of a drink that Americans love more than high quality vodka.

If there is one thing that Americans love more than vodka, it would be stories. We are involved in a story of some sort at almost all times, whether it is a book, television, a film or just plain gossip. Companies that tell a story with their brands tend to do better than others because people buy into the narrative. Vodka marketing does not seem to use this device, with is unfortunate. It is hard to think of a story that I would like more than a vodka story.

This is exactly what Frozen Ghost Vodka is offering. The name comes from a ghost story, which has become the basis of the packaging and marketing as well. According to Frozen Ghost, there once was a farm in the Western Canadian wilderness that enjoyed immense success, led by a man named Tobias. The neighbors of the farm were convinced that this was due to the water supply and snuck out one cold northern winter night to divert the water to their own farm. Tobias confronted the trespassers and was hit in the head by a shovel and then thrown into the stream, which froze over the body.

The thieving, murdering neighbors were then haunted by the Frozen Ghost apparition until they confessed. The water from this stream, several decades later, is the source of water for Frozen Ghost vodka. If you are concerned about drinking vodka with an undertone of decomposing body, you will be happy to know that the legend is not believed to be true, and that the vodka is distilled no less than six times.

The packaging and the marketing for Frozen Ghost vodka use this story as an inspiration. Marketing phrases include ‘Enjoy it with all six senses’, ‘The supernatural super-premium’ and ‘Grab a bottle. This stuff disappears fast.’ This is creating a brand that is definitely more appealing than Grey Goose, Ketel One and other premium vodkas. In addition, Frozen Ghost vodka is smooth and easy to drink with just the right amount of punch. It is a vodka that you can drink neat or in a martini without making that face and without covering the flavors with a sweet cocktail mixer.

Frozen Ghost is raising the bar for other vodkas, both in branding and in flavor. Although it is considered a super-premium vodka, it comes with a reasonable price tag that is neither embarrassingly cheap nor outrageously pricey. Try some the next time you are out on the town; it will not disappoint.