More than a Century of Success


One of the few beverage brands that are popular across the world is Pepsi Cola. More than its popularity, the number of years it has existed makes it different from other brands. Pepsi also has the most renowned logos over time. Despite the changes with the company logo over the years, the company has maintained its effective branding as the company did not cease in maintaining certain elements with its official logo.

Pepsi is manufactured and marketed by corporate giant PepsiCo. The product was first produced during early 1890s by a pharmacist named Caleb Bradham based in New Bern, North Carolina. Initially, the drink was labeled Brad’s Drink. It was in 1898 when Bradham decided to rename it to Pepsi Cola as it is known until today.

The name Pepsi Cola was officially trademarked on June 16, 1903. Until today, the name did not change. Given the changes in the market that happened in different eras that the brand had existed, the company had to impose some changes and improvements on the logo to cope with the dynamic market.

Sometime in 1898, Bradham came up with a scribbled logo script, which was actually the first ever Pepsi logo to be used for the beverage product. After the company became established and the market became responsive, Bradham himself worked on the modification of the logo and came up with a customized version of the previous script he used. In 1905, the company introduced the changed logo. After a year, Pepsi had to change the logo again and included the first slogan: “The Original Pure Food Drink” that was used as part of the official logo.

When a sugar crisis happened in 1933, Loft Inc. bought the brand name. As part of the new owner’s marketing strategy, Pepsi Cola doubled the amount of the drink. From the usual six ounce package size, Loft Inc. decided to make it 12 ounce for only 10 cents. During this period, the company adopted a new slogan: “Refreshing and Healthful” using the previous logo.

In 1940, the company through its then CEO Walter Mack, came up with a new bottle design with crown. After a year, the bottle crown colors were changed into red, blue and white. The Pepsi logo underwent changes as well to commemorate the war efforts of the country during that time.

In 1943, the logo has a bottle cap look with a new slogan: Bigger Drink, Better Taste. After several years, the logo was changed into two bulls-eye marks that encircled the word “Pepsi”. Eventually, the company adopted a boxed Pepsi logo applying some typeface modification.

In 1991, the company decided to commemorate the evolution of its scripted logo as it featured a logo design using an italic capital font. When the company celebrated its 100 years in the business in 1998, Pepsi introduced a new logo that represented innovation and global recognition. The latest logo is made of a three-dimensional global with ice blue as background. The logo includes the previous typeface of the company. It is still used up until today.

Elements of the Pepsi Logo

Given the success of Pepsi and its branding efforts, it is interesting to look into the elements of the Pepsi logo. While the official logo changed over time, the theme and design remains the same that everyone can relate to Pepsi.

  • Shape of the logo. The current shape is a 3D globe with a swirl in the middle that separates the globe. The shape is simple yet creates a great impact among consumers.
  • Color scheme. The logo has only three colors: white, red and blue. The way the colors are used and combined made the logo easy to recall by the target market. Everyone can associate the three colors with Pepsi, which means the company has become very successful with its branding efforts.
  • Fonts of the logo. Pepsi logos always had simple italicized style, which has been part of the company’s trademark.

Pepsi logo is an example of an innovative logo that created much impact in the market. Despite the frequent changes with the official logo of the company, most of the elements used are retained.