Moblly Website Review

By Eva Alsis

Just a few years ago, no one would have believed that applications for one’s cell phone would become big business. However, apps are now a part of life. If you want to check the weather, watch your favorite television show, or make a reservation at the restaurant down the block, you turn to your smartphone. Because there are so many companies offering apps, it is important that they each have well branded, functional, and attractive websites.

This website at, is different from many on the internet because it has a feminine feeling. Hot pink and pale gray offer a modern yet distinctively girly feeling. Stylized flowers appear throughout the website, adding to the contemporary feminine vibe. This website is different from others because it is marketing to a completely different audience.

Sometimes audience makes all the difference. If you are offering something that can be found at a variety of places on the internet, it is important that you offer it in a way that is very different from your competition. In this case, the site is trying to appeal to modern women. The color scheme and the patterns used throughout the website appeal to this audience without falling back on stereotypes or being overly obvious.

The front page is filled with interesting new apps, but there are also ways for users to sort their selections by type of phone, popularity, and type. This makes it easy to find the exact app you want. Once you have found your app, you can easily get relevant details, find it in the appropriate store, and purchase or download it.

How does Moblly measure up to other app sites? Here is our rating:

Creativity: 3 stars. While we like the pink and gray palette as well as the flowers, and find them incredibly appropriate for the target customer, they nonetheless are not extremely creative. There are few nuances here.

Ease of use: 5 stars. This is where the website truly shines. Not only does it pull you in immediately, it makes it easy for people who have a specific app in mind to quickly locate exactly what they are looking for.

Functionality: 5 stars. As you would expect from an app website, this one is very functional. Not only can you find just about any app that you are looking for, you can also browse and find new applications that you had never considered. Not only does this increase the satisfaction of your customers, it decreases their chance of turning to other websites and losing a profit for the website in question.

Content: 3 stars. This is one area where the website could stand a little improvement. There is very little text anywhere. While this is partially due to the genre—what needs to be said about a web app?—a little verbal description would greatly enhance the website.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. This website is a great example of success in its genre.

Overall: 4.2 stars. This website has minimal room for improvement, but is overall  an excellent example of a great app site.