Mobile Technology: The New Frontier for Branding


Technology can leave you in a blur if you are not observant enough. Just a few decades ago, the world was celebrating as the telephone became mobile thanks to Doctor Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973. After decades of using wires for telephone conversations, the mobile phone finally introduced wireless communication.

Fast forward to the present world, the call functions of a mobile phone are now an afterthought, something that is taken for granted. It seems as though calling is the least of the functions of a mobile unit.

Mobile phones are so much more right now. It can be used for instant communication, text messaging and online browsing. In fact, even businesses are considering mobile phones as the new frontier for brand development.

The Advent of Mobile Advertising

Because mobile companies are improving its capabilities and functions with each release, more and more people are buying mobile units. Mobile phones are said to outnumber TV sets in a ratio of three mobile phones per television set. Moreover, there are four mobile users for every one PC desktop or laptop user.

These numbers show that the reach of mobile technology should never be underestimated. Investing in mobile advertising is a good move for any brand to get more exposure.

Think about it: mobile advertisements can reach your target market anywhere and anytime. If these ads are designed effectively, it will improve the value of your brand.

Types of Mobile Ads

Many mobile marketing campaigns have adopted the use of a Mobile Web Banner (top of the screen) or a Mobile Web Poster (bottom of the screen). But 90% of mobile marketing revenue is said to come from SMS advertising.

SMS ads can alter the perception of users about your brand. The messages written in these ads can make or break a marketing campaign. Businesses should always be aware about the contents of SMS ads. If done poorly, an SMS advertisement will only appear as spam and be rejected by users outright.

Although mobile advertising is seen by many as an underrated means to promote a business brand, there are many mobile trends emerging today which will affect the way brands can seek their target market.

The Persistence of SMS

SMS or Short Message Service is expected to continue being a pivotal platform for mobile advertising. According to the semi-annual wireless survey of CTIA, about 90% of Americans own a mobile phone, probably a large chunk of them own a tablet as well.

Of all these mobile phones, about 98% already have SMS as its feature. Hence, it is safe to say that mobile SMS advertisements will not be going away anytime soon.

Text messaging remains an inexpensive option for communication. It does not require any installation or downloads. It may not be flashy but it gets the job done efficiently and effectively.

The Emergence of Rich Media

Rich media advertising is observed to be a growing trend for mobile advertising. It pertains to interactivity which is dependent on applications, video, sound and even gaming. Visually, this type of brand advertising is more engaging.

Rich media advertising has a higher rate of cost per thousand impressions (or CPMs). However, it takes time and talent to create rich media ads.

The Debate between Mobile Apps and Mobile Sites

Presently there are two platforms in launching a mobile marketing campaign: either through a mobile site or a mobile application. Google is placing its bets in the mobile web experience particularly with their investment in the Android operating system. Apple on the other hand is concentrating on mobile applications.

Which platform will win out? Will it be possible to create mobile marketing campaigns for both? The answer may be simple when a mobile advertiser has funds to do a twin mobile brand campaign. But for starting businesses, funds may be harder to come by. Ultimately, one has to choose between mobile apps and mobile sites.

By 2014, technology experts predict that many people will use mobile devices for their online needs. If your business is looking for ways to expose your brand, you should start thinking about mobile technology. Technology progresses quickly. If your business will not think and act two steps ahead, the consequences may be tragic for brand growth.