Miracle Network Soars to New Heights


Sometimes growth requires a change in brand and logo design, as the old identity no longer represents the company anymore. Over the years, the Children’s Miracle Network has grown from an occasional television fundraiser to a full-fledged nonprofit to a network that includes several children’s hospitals throughout the country. In keeping with this growth, the well-known charity has decided that it is time for a visual overall, including a new brand, a new logo design and an entirely new visual identity.

The old logo featured a hot air balloon, a symbol of moving to new heights and also an image associated with children. However, it was somewhat dated and had a fast food color palette of bright red and yellow.

In approaching a new image, the charity faced an issue that many well-known brands face: they could not move completely away from their visual identity without losing recognition. The new Children’s Miracle Network logo is a perfect blend of the old brand and modern sensibilities. The same yellow is used, but it is now paired with a cooler, more contemporary magenta color. The font has been softened to a rounded, sans serif choice, and the wording has been realigned to work better with the balloon image. The balloon has been changed as well to a more stylized creation that will likely be more attractive to modern consumers as well as more recognizable when used without text.

We’re a little tired of rounded, sans serif fonts—they seem to pop up in almost every new logo that we see—but they definitely work well with this logo and are a good choice for this brand image. Another less than positive aspect of this logo is that the image doesn’t necessarily look like a balloon unless you already know that it what it represents. It could be a light bulb or even a stethoscope. However, both of these images actually may work well with the organization’s brand, so we won’t hold it against them.

You’ll notice that the word “hospital” is now a part of the nonprofit logo, reflecting the organization’s growth over the past almost three decades. Indeed, Children’s Miracle Network has a lot to gain—and a lot to lose—from a change in brand. Because they raise much of their $4.2 billion annual budget by selling paper Miracle balloons that cost $1 or $2 each, it was important to keep the balloon in some form and thus maintain a recognizable visual identity. The new logo can also be animated for company videos and advertisements, adding to its modern feeling.

Sometimes re-branding and adopting a new logo design is an essential part of staying relevant and keeping up with the times. While most businesses won’t be able to get their brand logo makeover done pro bono by a leading national agency, you’ll find that investment in a professional logo design is still more than worth the time and cost.