Minimalism in American Logo Design


Americans like for everything to be and have just a little more—more square footage, more color, more food, and more of just about everything. For this reason, it is a little surprising that minimalist logos and graphic design have taken off in this nation. Indeed, “less is more” is definitely a rule that applies here. From the Apple logo to the Nike swoosh, just about all of our iconic logo designs are as simple and understated as they possibly can be.

There are several reasons for this. In a world crowded with symbols and meaningless information, sometimes empty space attracts more attention than a colorful montage would. Further, good computer graphics mean that many people can create an attractive image or a page full of them. Knowing how to not use space is more of a sign of professionalism.  Here are a few signs of good minimalist American logo design.

Relevance to the subject.

Great minimalism isn’t designed that way to cut back on design time and printing costs; the style is somehow related to the brand that the logo or graphic design represents. Minimalism should distill an idea or object down to its barest, most recognizable forms. Think about what details are the backbone of your brand and then build a minimalist design around these.


Minimalism in art is rarely unattractive; in graphic design, it never should be. Minimalist logos and other graphic designs always must convey a sense of visual harmony and balance. Creating beauty without all of the fussy details is the sign of a professional, and an essential skill for people looking to get into the competitive world of design. However, remember that beauty can be found in some unusual places and forms!

Connected concepts.

Minimalism is put to best use when it is used to connect two previously unrelated concepts. This can be done in a humorous way or in one that creates a contrast. It’s okay if people have to think a bit to see the connection; this means that they are thinking extensively about your company and your products. What more could you ask for? Your graphic design should tell the unique story of your company in a simple logo, minimalist form.


Minimalism at its best transcends trends and other signs of the times, focusing instead on elements that are meaningful over the span of continents and decades. This will not only create a better design, it will help your design to be usable for a longer span of time.


Clip art is your enemy here. You can’t create a good minimalist design while copying other work. It must be completely original or you will be representing a brand other than your own. Clip art is rarely clever or expressive; it is merely a picture that was placed in the computer’s software to amuse amateurs. Real minimalist graphic design requires talent, thought, and an intimate knowledge of your company.

There are no secrets to minimalist art; merely a lot of talent and a little inspiration. An experienced graphic designer will be able to help you develop a design that is just perfect for your company.