Minding Monsters Website

By Eva Alsis

Upon entering the Minding Monsters website, we were a little confused. Is this website for a cartoon? A children’s book? A character illustrator? Or perhaps is there really an organization of benevolent monsters living on an island called Leviatha? The Minding Monsters website’s greatest flaw is that it is not clear about its intent. However, good design and fun features are in abundance.

Website Reviewed: mindingmonsters.com

Here is a fast lowdown on the Minding Monsters, in case you are interested but not enough to visit the website. Each monster is in charge of minding a different part of life, from finances (the domain of Subsi) to love (talk to Aduri). They are kind of like guardian angels with horns.

The creators obviously take their monsters seriously. Each one has a bio that rivals those found on social networking sites, and a variety of iPhone wallpapers and prints are available for fans. In addition, you can read bios of select monsters and view a map of their kingdom. Again, we don’t really understand the purpose of this site, but we are already interested.

The monsters are well connected to the outside world as well. In addition to the usual social networking links, there is a Tumblr page of ‘Likes’ with links to things individual monsters find interesting on the net. What’s next? A blog authored by the imaginary creatures? We aren’t sure, but we suspect there are many new adventures in store for the Minding Monsters.

Creativity: 5 stars. Monsters that ‘mind’ us and watch over us? Yes, we’ll give them full points for creativity. In addition, the site has many creative aspects, such as the map of Leviatha and the brief monster anatomy lesson. The colors are fun and the monster theme is integrated into almost every part of the website.

Ease of use: 5 stars. The website is easy to use and fast to navigate. If any parts of the site or its features confuses you, there is a Help Center to answer your questions. In fact, just about every question is answered except the obvious one: Why?

Functionality: 4 stars. The monsters are surprisingly well connected for imaginary creatures, with a Facebook page and a Tumblr site for their internet faves. However, the purpose of the monsters and their site is not clear, and this is definitely a needed function. If the creator(s) is looking for a book deal or another corporate interest, noting this on the contact page would certainly expedite the process.

Content: 4 stars. The monsters are well explained but there are a few typos that suggest the creator was not a native English speaker, such as “it is most likely that you will find the answer there.” On the other hand, maybe this is simply part of the monster’s charm.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. This site is certainly appropriate for its subject, with monsters incorporated into every corner of the site.

Overall: 4.6 out of 5 stars. If you have ever wondered which monster is watching your cat, Mindful Monsters is the place to find out.