Mets meets Domino Pizza Logo

A logo is a symbol of pride regardless of the industry you’re in. That’s why you will read so many harsh comments about logo redesigns of cities or brands. And they have the right to do so because we are all part-owners of logo designs and brands we patronize.

Coming from this perspective, I can’t really understand why professional baseball team New York Mets came up with a uniform patch patterned from a pizza company, Domino’s.

Players will be flaunting this bland pizza company logo design to commemorate the first season in their newly constructed 45,000-seat stadium home, the Citi Field. To make matters worse, it will be available in all promo items and merchandise of the team. It’s very disappointing not only from a logo designer and logo design team’s perspective but from sports fans as well. Commemorative patches carry sentimental meaning and can command high dollar value as time goes by.

And as The LoHud Yankees Blog pointed out, this is “the only team that would design a patch for their new stadium that doesn’t mention the stadium or show any images of it.” Perhaps there are some legal issues with using Citi but it’s a good observation indeed.

Even the MetsBlog was flooded with negative comments about this new logo to a point that someone mustered the guts to proclaim it’s the “worst sleeve patch in MLB history”. Well, I can’t blame them for saying those things. A little touch of creativity will surely help but I guess the people behind this patch want to stick to something similar to the Citi Field logo.

Let this be a lesson to all brand owners to put more effort and emphasis in developing their logo designs. Gathering insights from loyal followers is a good starting point. Getting help from expert logo designers is of utmost importance.