Merger Creates New Australian Brand

By Mash Bonigala

If you have been to Australia on holiday recently, you have probably seen the Austereo logo design. The company was bought earlier this year by media conglomerate Southern Cross, but it retained its identity until just a few days ago. The companies have been busily integrated their business activities, and now they have integrated their brands as well.

Choosing a new name was easy; the business will now be known as Southern Cross Austereo. However, blending the two distinct brands and choosing a new logo design can be much more complicated. This is made more difficult if the logos are very different, as was the case here.

The Southern Cross logo bears the shape of a star, which is significant because it is named for a constellation commonly seen in the Australian sky. It features a shooting star in the foreground, with movement lines throughout the entire logo. The font is simple and modern, befitting a media company with multiple different interests. The colours are those of the Australian flag. This is a very Australian logo design because almost all of its elements tie into the nation in some way.

The Austereo logo design is as different as could be. This logo featured the name of the company written in friendly lower case letters, going down the side of a huge letter A. The letter is formed from negative space and bold shadowing in black and white. The name of the company is written in red, which together with the black creates a very eye catching logo design.

Neither of these logos are bad, but it is hard to imagine how they could be combined into a single image. Perhaps this is why the new logo design and Southern Cross Austereo logo design took so long to be released. However, the new logo certainly combines the two brands seamlessly.  The star theme is present from the Southern Cross logo, along with the movement lines of that image. The huge A formed from negative space sits behind these shapes. An entirely new font has been used to write the new name in cool grey at the bottom of the logo. According to the company, the different colours seen in the logo represent the many different sections of this company, which, like the colours, come together to form the whole.

This new design looks like a media conglomerate logo. It is simple enough to work well in the corner of a television screen and to maintain its shape when blown up to the size of a billboard. It represents the many parts of the company while creating a single, central brand. We love the colours of the logo design; many people seem almost afraid of colour in modern times, so this adds a creative touch. The combination of stars and movement creates the potential for some interesting animations, which is important for any type of media logo design. While the two brands that formed this newly merged company are very different, they have been combined into a cohesive blend of the two businesses.