Medical Practices Branding


Medical logo design was not so important in times past. In fact, branding was a small and often ignored part of running a medical practice or any type of medical business. Now, however, medical branding and logo design are becoming increasingly important. Patients are becoming more logo-sensitive due to the huge prevalence of branding around them. Moreover, the expectations for medicine are getting higher. People view themselves as customers of medical services and want the same friendly service they would demand from any other business.

Medi Clinic is a South African line of private hospitals and medical practices joined under a single brand. They recently re-designed their logo and had a new brand developed. Why should you care about a foreign practice’s logo design? One reason is that it is a good example of the changes we are seeing throughout the global medical community.

The old image was somewhat of a classic medical logo design. It featured friendly elements—the blue color and the circle to be specific—along with a very official font with serifs and a caduceus. It is typical of many medical logos seen around the world. However, “typical” is not what you want to be when you are trying to build a brand. Hence, a new logo design was developed.

We see the same blue color, although it has been changed slightly to be more modern and less official. There is a whole new font as well, one that is thick and bold without being too official. It is close to the rounded, sans-serif fonts so popular in other industries, but it keeps an authoritative edge. After all, people want to feel that their doctor is a little more experienced and professional than the local shopkeeper.

The image has been changed as well. A square adds the authoritative feeling that is necessary to a medical logo design, but it is hand drawn and left open to make it a little more friendly. A tiny circle, really a dot, inside adds detail and also a friendly feeling. Because the square is larger and darker, the message seems to be that this is a traditional, scientific, factual brand with a little friendliness on the side. A new tagline seems to back up this feeling: Expertise You Can Trust.

Medi Clinic is undergoing a time of change, expanding within South Africa and also to other countries including far flung nations such as the United Arab Emirates and Switzerland. That is quite a spread, which makes this simple, graphic logo design somewhat of a necessity. This logo needs to resonate with a variety of customers. In this case, we think it is up to the task.

If you are running a medical practice that is in desperate need of a brand, there has never been a better time to get one. Professional logo designers are creating attractive and relevant designs for businesses just like yours every day. Don’t get left behind; talk to a logo designer about your own medical brand today.