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Medical logos are essential for your business. There are patients, physicians, healthcare care workers that will be looking for your services or products. It is imperative that you make it simple for these people to find you with great medical logos. A robust logo design will keep your company right before their eyes. Putting logos into the initial phase of your marketing and advertising program will help you off to a strong start in letting everyone know who you are.

With your brand identity in print such as magazine and newspaper ads, you will be in front of patients that need your products. These same patients will ask their physicians to prescribe your products or services. Patients want to use companies that are organized and whose images stick in their minds. Having your identity working for you will draw the eyes of every one to your direction. The logo will tell prospective clients what kind of company they are getting ready to do business with. Are you trustworthy? A logo design lends credence to any business or service as you can see in the making of a great logo design. Your branding will show your ability to communicate with your target audience.

Physicians will be drawn to your clinic brand. Doctors are always looking for new and innovative products. A well designed clinic identity provides an excellent opportunity to capture the attention of physicians. These physicians do not have extra time looking through the myriad of companies out there. If your clinical identity can catch and keep their attention long enough to introduce your product or service, then the logo has been successful and you do not need to redesign your logo radically. A physician is putting his/her reputation on the line when choosing a new company. Your branding will afford an effective way to differentiate the various competitions. Once a doctor has put his trust in you, he will refer you to other physicians.

Other health care workers will need your company or services. As health care workers began to use your services, your logo will become the cornerstone of your business. You will find that your logo will eventually be your calling card. The identity for your company can be used for all printed media as well as internet communications. Whether you are handing out business cards or sending out your web address, your medical symbol affords the name brand recognition like nothing else will.

Top 10 Biotechnology Logos

Biotechnology may be big business, but it is one with little public support. Few people realize that many of their favorite products and most needed medications are a direct result of biotechnology companies and the research that they perform. Here are a few logo designs that do a great job of selling biotechnology for the innovative and extremely necessary field that it is.

As you can see from our examples, there are a few details that create a good biotechnology logo design. First, bright colors are often a good choice because they help to make this relatively misunderstood field seem a little friendlier. Second, fonts are used to balance the tone of the images, whether it is to add a serious, straightforward touch or a little bit of approachability. Last, images are important to communicate exactly what the company in question does. The average American will have only a foggy idea of what bioplastic research entails; the job of the logo design is to make this a little clearer. In addition, there are numerous fields of biotechnology, and a great logo design can help to differentiate a company from the many others in the field. We are all visual creatures, so a biotechnology logo design can quite literally speak a thousand words about the organization that it represents.

* Unless otherwise stated all copyrights to the top 10 logos shown above belong to their respective owners. SpellBrand has not designed any of these designs unless explicitly mentioned in the review itself.

Finding The Right Hospital Logo For Modern Healthcare Systems

Increasingly, hospitals and other healthcare industries must be run like any other businesses and need hospital logo. Indeed, a hospital logo is a corporation and should be managed according to best business practices in order to be successful. Part of being a corporation is having a coherent and professional corporate identity package, complete with a hospital logo. Many hospitals wisely hire out this important process to marketing consultants and graphic designers. There are a few things that experienced marketing consultants will consider when developing a hospital logo.

Community. A hospital is an integral member of the community it is serving, and the medical logo should express that. Whether your facility is located in a small town or a large metropolitan area, the community you serve should be the first consideration in every decision you make, including your hospital logo. Marketing consultants are experts in this and can help you make sure your corporate identity package doesn’t alienate the very people you are trying to reach out to.

Caring. No one wants to get medical care at a place that intimidates them, but this is an unfortunate reality for too many modern people. Hospitals are seen as unapproachable and consuming, and a hospital logo with too much text and not enough emotion, patients will likely feel even more apprehension as they walk through your doors. On the other hand, if your clinical logo has a friendly feel, such as by incorporating shapes and/or colors that soothe the general public, these same people will be more likely to trust you when health problems arise.

Mission. What is your hospital’s mission? Whether your hospital specializes in serving the underprivileged or in providing top-notch care to the elite, your mission should be reflected in your hospital logo. Are you about caring? Your hospital logo or even an optician’s logo can portray this by using warm colors, rounded shapes, and friendly objects such as people or animals. A more business-like approach would require crisper shapes and more prominent text. This is another area where marketing consultants can help craft a health logo and corporate identity package that accurately represent your institution.

Cornerstone Programs. Some hospitals have cornerstone programs for which they are widely known. If this is the case for your organization, you should reflect this either by incorporating those themes into your hospital logo or by having a logo designed for those programs that coordinate with your hospital logo. It’s important to showcase your strong points without detracting from the unity of the whole, and your logo should accomplish this.

Aesthetics. While meaning and information are important, an ugly hospital logo won’t be any help at all. Your hospital logo will have to be displayed on everything from bills to linens, so it had better be both attractive and timeless. Similarly, the color scheme of a logo is often used as the decorating scheme in the facilities used by the organization. Marketing consultants can help you develop a hospital logo and corporate identity package with both elegance and staying power.