Marsh & McLennan, and Other M Logos


Marsh & McLennan Companies, an American company specializing in risk management and insurance for corporations as well as professional consulting services recently rebranded. The new logo is beautiful, but it seems a little familiar to those of us in the design world.

The new logo is crisp and modern, in blue colors that are both trustworthy and professional. The image is geometric and feels three dimensional and faceted, drawn to create a letter M from various shapes. The name of the company is written to the right in plain, rounded, sans serif lettering, which seems to be somewhat popular in the business world right now. It is a great logo design for this field and would be unique… if it were not very similar to the logo for the City of Melbourne.

As you can see, the City of Melbourne logo design has a lot in common with the Marsh & McLennan Companies one. It has blue colors angled together into a multidimensional letter M. Indeed, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then this city should feel extremely flattered, because logos from all over the world seem to borrow from it.

There are notable differences, of course. The Melbourne logo design has a lot of green in addition to the blue, and the facets are angled so they seem to come from the upper left corner. The Marsh & McLennan logo, on the other hand, is almost perfectly symmetrical and uses only blue hues. We aren’t accusing anyone of plagiarism, merely pointing out that the City of Melbourne logo seems to be the foundation for a new design fad.

The new Marsh & McLennan aims to create a sense of “interconnectness and cooperation,” which is a popular theme nowadays in business. This may be the reason that we are seeing so many similar logos; companies are trying to portray the same ideas.

While this logo design may not be completely, 100% unique, it nonetheless is an improvement over the former Marsh & McLennan logo design. This logo design featured a blue square with the letters MMC at the outside right edge. It is too serious and corporate, and does not have the symmetry and beauty that modern customers like to see in design. It is not a customer-friendly logo design and it says little about the business—except perhaps that it is boring and overly corporate.

This logo design is a great one, which is very important for a company of this size. While you have probably never heard of Marsh & McLennan Companies, this corporation owns many businesses, all of whom will be using a version of this logo design. It will be a logo not just for the parent company, but for all of the smaller businesses that are owned by it. This is ideal for building a cohesive brand but very difficult in actual application. It can be difficult to find an image that works equally well for a variety of seemingly disconnected brands, but in this case it has worked out well.