Launching and marketing a clothing or fashion brand can be quite daunting. In this article we try and deconstruct the marketing part of the process with some useful takeaways…

Where do you begin?

Reaching your target audience is a tricky business. Nowadays the best place to start is the Internet.

Unless you have a huge marketing budget, it would be safe to assume that the best place to begin your brand marketing journey would be online. With some guerilla marketing techniques and some old fashioned hard work, you can really reach your target market and generate enough interest in the brand to create a snowballing effect.

BUT before getting in the juicy details of how to market your clothing brand online, let us look at some fundamentals that needs to be carefully addressed to ensure your marketigng campaigns bear fruit during launch and later.

These fundametals include the following which will be explained in more detail below:

1. Determine Business Goals

2. Select Campaign Media

3. Identify Target Audience

4. Competitive Positioning

5. Online Channel Creation

6. Content Creation

7. Online Engagement

Determine Business Goals

Before you begin any marketing, it is critical that you figure out and identify your business goals. It is not enough to simply know that you want the business to take off, get a lot of customers and make a ton of profit. You will need to dig deep and have a very detailed and specific list of business goals that are laid out on a reasonable and doable time scale.

Depending on your business goals, there are different kinds of marketing campaigns you can undertake. Here are a few examples:


Generate new leads

To generate new leads you can look at generating targetted traffic from Google and Social Media.


Qualify leads

To better qualify and rank leads so you can segment them and then follow up based on their timeframe and their likelihood of buying.


Nurture existing leads

To communicate with leads that are in the pipeline but may not be ready to buy or to take the next step; a nurturing campaign reminds them of your value and provides information that can help move them along.


Direct sales

To close deals within a short time period – a campaign to encourage people to “buy now.”


Up-sell existing customers

To encourage current customers to upgrade their existing product, to increase the quantity or frequency of their purchases.


Nurture existing customers

To communicate with existing customers and reinforce the value you provide.


Generate referrals

To encourage customers or prospects to supply you with qualified referrals.



To increase awareness of your company, product and/or people in your market; to communicate the value you provide and what you stand for.

Select Campaign Media

Once you have established the list of business goals you have and identified the marketing campaign ideas, it is time to select your campaign media. This includes both online and offline media channels.

For generating new leads for your clothing brand, here are a few channels:

1. Online advertising

This channel involves running adverts on targeted websites or through email newsletters. The advatage with this channel is that it is targeted and measurable and it is east to test and improve. However, since you are driving them to your site and site has to convert your website needs compelling messages and great converstion optimization.

Here is an article on how to grow your business with out spending more on advertising.

2. Email campaigns

You can either buy or rent a subscriber list or use an in-house list to send a short but compelling email. This is about building a brand recall and trust with your target market. The advantage is that it is very targeted and measurable and easy to test and improve. However, again since you are driving them to your site, your website has to convert and this should be implemented through an email service provider.

Here is a primer on email campaigns for your online shop.

3. Organic search

This is one of most popular methods of getting traction online. You would need to “Optimize” your website so it ranks high in search engine results for your targeted keywords. This method is extremely timely and brings qualified prospects straight to you and can generate a lot of traffic to your site. However, the website needs to be carefully designed and updated regularly. You will also need to use other Internet marketing techniques to raise your profile. It can be quite difficult to rank for anything except very targeted words.

4. Viral campaigns

By using social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to post entertaining videos or memes that relate to your clothing brand, you can create interest online and if you can make it viral, then you are guaranteed sharing and traffic. With this method, you can reach a wide audience in a very short period of time. However, the campaign needs to be very creative and catchy. You also need good offers and a good website for visitors who take action.

Here is an ecommerce guide to going viral.

5. Blog & Social Media

Creating compelling posts on a brand blog is the fundamental way to ensure you get traction online. By having a frequently updated blog and using social media to promote your blog posts, you can reach targeted audiences and establish credibility and position your company as a leader in the industry.

Here is an article on how to blog for your brand.

Identify Target Audience

Understanding your target market thoroughly is the single most critical thing a business owner could do to help their brand on the road to success. Most often than not, small business owners think that they know who their target market but in most cases the net is wide that they struggle to achieve success.

Targeted marketing is essential to success because it will allow you to get the most out of your marketing and lead your business in the right direction. If these tips seem confusing, it may be time to talk to a branding expert about how to develop and market your small business brand.

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Competitive Positioning

The most critical aspect of your brand is answering the questions: What sets your product, service and company apart from your competitors? What value do you provide and how is it different from the alternatives?

Most businesses can not answer this questions honestly or with conviction. At SpellBrand, we helps clients define how they “differentiate” their offering and create value for their market segment. It is about carving out a place in the competitive landscape and having a laser like focus to deliver on the brand promises that are made.

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Online Channel Creation

As long as there will be online users, small businesses have a chance to compete with more established brands. They don’t need to have immense resources to purchase airtime for advertisements. A small company only needs to have distinct ways of standing out among the competition. All it should take are qualities such as out-of-the-box creativity, dedication and proper brand presentation.

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Content Creation

Here are the main ways you can create content and deliver them to your target audience. Please note that although it is advisable for you to write content by yourself or perhaps other members of your company, if you feel that you do not have the skills or the inclination, you can always hire qualified freelance writers who would work with you to create content that resonates with your audience.

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Online Engagement

Believe it or not, Facebook isn’t just for cat photos, news articles, selfies, and ads. Businesses like yours can actually generate customers from Facebook – as long as you’re using the right approach.

Here is a link to a webinar, by our Founder & CEO, Mash Bonigala, a certified Inbound Marketing Specialist and an experienced social media expert talks you through the fundamentals of leveraging your Facebook business page and turning it into a major marketing channel for your business.

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