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Online Marketing

A big mistake rookies in the world of online business make is confusing marketing and Sales. These are two distinct activities. In the most basic form sales is persuading a potential customer to buy your product or service. Marketing is creating awareness about your company and its products or services. Marketing is the first step, especially in online business. If people do not know about you and come to your site, how can you sell to them?

The best form of internet marketing is to have search engines find your site. But a search for say, “lawnmowers” will open up at least a few thousand sites. People tend to stop searching after going through the first 2 or 3 pages of results. Let’s see what you can do to get your business high up in the results list.

  • Using key words in a title tag is a key component of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Look at the title of this article. It is clear and concise for the reader, but if someone is searching for tips on how to market their online businesses, this will show up in the search. Having a different, but always relevant, title tag for each page of your website will increase the chances of search engines finding it since the more title tag options you have, the more chances of it matching the search criteria.
  • Links placed in other websites is a valuable search tool. When contacting websites for promoting your business, tell them you preferred anchor text. Anchor text is the words that comprise the hyperlink that connects to your site. For example, if you re selling a new type of lawnmower, the anchor text should be something like “latest lawnmower technology”.” Other sites may not agree to the exact wording you want, but try to persuade them. If you are paying for a mention in the site, you have the power to negotiate.
  • Relevance matters! Rather than trying to place links to your website wherever you can, it is better to focus on placing the links in sites that relate to yours. Your lawnmower link in a gardening site will be more likely to attract interest than a link in a site about farming.
  • You need to be patient. The longer your site has been up, the more valid you and your products appear. Look at this way, if you had two choices in buying a car, based on name only, would you buy from Honda or from the Kalamazoo Car company? Search engines also give value to the age of sites when ranking them. Remember the hard work you put into your site may start producing real results after 6 months to a year.
  • Use key words in the body of your text. The more often the key words appear in the text, the more you’re the chances of a search engine finding your site relevant. Just be careful not to force the use of keywords in such a way that the text looks awkward and unnatural. Keep in mind that many search engines penalize site stuffed with an excess of keywords which have designed only to improve search rankings.

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