Marketing through Social Media Takes Off in Britain


Marketing through Social Media Takes Off in Britain: While marketing and branding experts have been pointing to social networking and media as the branding wave of the future for some time now, the world of business hasn’t been as enthusiastic until very recently. However, things are beginning to change, with several major companies in the UK putting their full marketing of the internet business push behind websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

This method of UK branding and marketing offers several advantages. First, it is far lower cost than many other avenues, such as television commercials. This allows even the smallest businesses to get their name and logo design in the public eye. Second, due to the highly personal nature of social media, many people in the UK and elsewhere are far more likely to trust these nontraditional messages. Last, there is a certain amount of fanaticism inherent to social media. People tend to assemble into groups and more staunchly support a brand or cause than they would in ‘real life’. If your business is this brand, there is a lot to benefit from it by following the five simple steps knowing your market.

Pepsi Co. was one of the first companies to view social marketing as more than a way to put out announcements. This year, the company pulled the twenty million dollars it normally invests in advertising on the US Super Bowl and instead sank that money into a huge social media campaign, almost like remaking a brand. This is astonishing when you consider that the US Super Bowl is one of the most watched television events in the US. Toyota followed suit, but on a different website. When it was discovered that their cars have a sticking pedal, the president himself put out a video apology—not on television, but on the popular website YouTube.

UK businesses seem to be following suit as well. More and more, restaurants are using Facebook to name their latest venture or building substantial fan bases via YouTube videos. Instead of being fed a message, people are being asked to participate in supporting a brand. So far, UK consumers have risen to the occasion.

Why does social media work? Social media allows brands to tap into two very human impulses: the need to influence one’s own destiny, and the need to be heard. When feedback was limited to an anonymous suggestion box, consumers never knew if their concerns were read, much less addressed. This has all changed for businesses that use social media. Customers can offer feedback and get a response immediately, albeit often a form response. Companies that offer polls and contests on their social media site are allowing customers to give feedback in such a way that they actually influence the future of the brands they love, which in turn increases customer loyalty as seen in most Top British Web Brands.

If you are interested in how social media can be used to put your own company name, brand, and logo design in the public eye, talking to a branding consultant today. With the right plan, you can use these free and low-cost methods to promote your own company and bring you through the recession.