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It’s hard to think of an industry where logo designs are more important than in marketing. Marketing is an intensely image-based business where appearances are everything. Customers will be looking at the way you brand and market yourself, including your logo design, as an example of your best work. This means that marketing logos are one of the most important parts of your business’s success.

People who work as consultants know that logos are all around us. If you look at your car, your computer, your shoes, or even your dish soap, you will see a logo. Chances are good that you chose these products in part due to these logos and what they mean to you personally. Our world is covered with logos, and with good reason. Logos are a company’s best way of communicating and building a relationship with the customer. Similarly, branding can help you develop a relationship with people who are prospective clients.

Have a unique identity. It’s hard to explain the Nike logo to someone who has never seen it; nonetheless, most people associate it indelibly with the famous shoe company and its tagline. This is the power of identity. These brands don’t have to ‘follow the rules as long as they create an identity that customers will come to associate with you. Being unique is the only way to stand out in a world where people encounter tens of thousands of logos every day.

Be consistent. These logos must be consistent with the rest of the company brand as well as with the customer experience. If you are a fun, easygoing operation, let this attitude be expressed in your logo. Similarly, if you are more formal and traditional, this is something to explain to your logo designer. Another thing to consider is colors and shapes. If there are certain colors or shapes that are used throughout your locations, be sure to use these are used in your logo as well. Make sure your style is consistent between your locations and your logos so customers always know exactly what to expect.

Use your logo everywhere. There is a lot of competition in this industry, but you can come out ahead by making sure your logo gets as much exposure as possible. Once your logo is complete, it should be included on all company communications, both on paper and on the internet, as well as signage, websites, word of mouth marketing, and anywhere else it will fit. This branding will do a company no good if they are never seen by the potential customers who have the ability to make or break your business.

Because you are involved in this industry, you know how important image can be. Think of your logo design as a way to communicate as in email marketing your image to your customer base. Let a professional with experience in the field design a design that will gain positive attention from your community and help your company build an image that will give you an advantage.


Welcome to the first edition of the “how to design a logo” series. This week we will analyze how to design an abstract logo for an advertising company. We will take a look below at all the logo concepts we came up with for our client, Quantum Creative, how we came up with those concepts, and what elements were used to bring our ideas to life.

A little bit of info about the client, Quantum Creative: a data-driven advertising agency. The company is strongly driven in its decisions by research data. It is affiliated with the top business consultancy in UK and benefits from its strong data-based strategic positioning. The target market is current Elixir Business Consultancy clients and local manufacturing brands that require advertising and branding services.

The client wanted to see a logo that represented the concept of Quantum which is “indivisible energy that is everlasting”. The client came to us without a real vision of what they wanted. They knew that they wanted a very modern, cutting edge type design that would appeal to a younger, more tech-savvy market. Using themes based on the idea of energy, and science a set of five initial logo designs was created.

For all of the initial concepts, it was important to create a basic geometric structure that could easily be converted into a simple one-color image. That said, various gradient effects were then utilized to create a polished look to add both depth and dimension to create a modern, technological feeling.

The first concept is based on an abstract rendering of the atomic symbol. Dynamic rings were created first, which were then layered to create a sense of space and depth. For the center globe, a circle was rendered, and then using a series of simple elements the illusion of a glass-like finish was created.

After adjusting the angle and placement of all the elements the graphic was then formatted to flow with the type treatment. For a maximum visual impact, a very clean and simple font was used to offset the 3D logo designs look of the graphic. The final design for this concept is a clean and modern image that effectively reflects both a technological idea as well as the theme of science.

The second concept utilizes an abstract shape reminiscent of the initial “Q”. Using the initial in a very stylized manner is a great way of expressing the overall theme without resorting to literal imagery. It also gives the graphic a direct relation with the name creating an integration which makes the brand more memorable. Using a simple series of circles and a crescent, the elements were adjusted as solid shapes to get an overall sense of flow and layout.

After that step, gradients and highlights were created to give the elements a sense of form and shape. By adjusting the gradients in simple and subtle ways the overall light and shadow begin to blend which adds to the realism of the overall design. Because the image is an iconic logo, it was placed above and centered to the text, which utilizes a very modern and almost futuristic style creating the completed brand.

For the third concept, we wanted to focus more on the concept of energy, reflected in an abstract, organic way. The first step was creating a kind of free-flowing vortex shape. By developing just one side first, the element can be copied and then rotated to create an overall symmetrical look that gives the illusion of movement and seamlessness. By utilizing very simple geometric shapes you easily create a very dynamic and fluid image that has a high visual impact.

To enhance the organic quality of the graphic a series of soft, silver background elements were created. This not only helps to enhance the visual impact of the main part of the graphic but can also help to direct the eye. In the end, an oblong, circular shape was used. The abstract shape flowed nicely with the rest of the image as well as added direction down to the type. In terms of font choice a simple, yet modern square font served to complete the design.

For the fourth concept keeping with the theme of science and energy, the next concept utilizes a kind of molecular structure that could also be used to convey the initial “Q”. By experimenting with several circular shapes, a unique yet simple design was created. By breaking the letter “Q” down to the simplest identifiable elements, the larger circle and the cross at the lower right, it was easy to create an abstract icon that could represent both ideas at the same time. To enhance the overall visual impact, a globe shape was created using subtle gradients. The “Q” image was then inverted to white and placed over the globe to form a “cut-out” look.

For the text, a simple sans serif font was used to reflect the straightforward “scientific” look of the overall design. The icon was also utilized in the text to give a correlation between the imagery. The placement of the icon to the right just over the text is a reference to mathematical symbols, further enhancing the science theme and completing the brand.

For the fifth initial concept we wanted to try a more identifiable representation of the atomic symbol. This rounds off an overall spectrum of styles and images and also creates a good base. To start, a simple ring was created and given a gradient to convey the feeling of a round tube-like shape. Once that was achieved, the ring was stretched out to create a sense of perspective. The next step was to copy the rings and position them at angles that correspond with the atomic symbol.

A circular disk was also to create some impact and also enhance the idea of energy and movement. The graphic was then placed next to a very bold and striking type which creates a very strong and stable impression. The block of color at the bottom serves as a way to display the tag line and balance out the heavy type at the top.

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