Make Your Logo Hip and Hot: See Your Sales Curve Shoot Up!


The big businesses can afford millions of dollars in savvy marketing that turn a logo design into a “brand identity” or make them synonymous with certain lifestyle. But for the growing businesses, the converse becomes the reality – they have to employ a catchy logo that earns their products or services “brand” value.

For small or start up ventures, the logos illustrate what the company does and where the company is headed. As such, the logos for these companies should be truly distinctive so that the customers are able to find your exclusivity just by looking at your logo. Such a distinctive logo becomes the long term asset for the company.

To be distinctive, your logo should look modern. But how to make it look chic and up to date?

Here are a few tips:

* The modern day logos are not meant for the prints only. So they have to be compatible to all the mediums on which they are used.

* For the same reason use vector graphics so that logos can be resized without the loss of clarity.

* Consider the first and foremost element of visual graphics – the color scheme.

* To get that ultra stylish look in your logo, make “crisp and clean” your motto. Remember, hip logos do not scream with colors. To make them chic, try to use bright, fun colors but as few colors as possible, avoiding any sort of murky colors. Mix colors to bring the edgy look.

* The ultra modern color scheme relies on combining the hues that are not allowed by common convention of designing. As for example, a traditional color scheme tends to combine two pastel shades. But a hip color scheme is one that tries to combine pastel shades like beige, soft orange with ostentatious colors like magenta or aqua.

* Another hip color scheme involves the use of three or more colors in the same shade. The idea is to bring a balance between the lighter shades and the more saturated shades.

The font selection and their use:

Select the cool text fonts – they really look modern.

But your true creativity is tested through the layout of the fonts. Using different font size and a layered text is going down well with the hip audience. For greater impact, arrange the fonts in a contrasting platform of big and small, light and dark etc. The transparent and layered effects are also hot logo trend. You can also experiment with lowercase-UPPERCASE pattern in the text to give it a smart 21st century look.

The bottom line is: the secret of hip logo design lies in being cool and avoiding any sort of complexities. Let’s remind you once again: crisp and simple are the driving force of hip logos. Bring about a minimalist look with few colors, small pixel fonts and a small, crisp message focusing on the basic themes of the business.

Having said this, I must also metion the fact that in certain cases a highly complex illustrative logo might be the right way to go about communicating the right message to the right audience through your logo design.