Macaroni Brothers Website


We love nothing more than a clever website, which is why the Macaroni Brothers home page immediately appealed to us. Every aspect of the page ties into the food theme. From calling their portfolio ‘recipes’ to proclaiming that their company offers ‘design with good taste’, this website ties into their culinary related name at every opportunity. This may not relate to their industry, but it is nonetheless amusing and will encourage visitors to read the entire website rather than leaving after a few clicks.

While the website ties into the food theme, it does so without being overly cliché. The colors are muted and approachable, and the foodie puns are limited to where they will be most funny and relevant. The font and the design hint slightly at a retro feeling.

Website Reviewed:

If we have one complaint about the site, it is that, while the food theme is cute, it actually has very little to do with graphic design. While people enjoy cleverness, they don’t always choose companies that use it. The cleverness might be put to better use if they used it in the designs and not their personal page.

Creativity: 5 stars. We have to give Macaroni Brothers points for creativity. They have found a way to tie their food theme into just about every aspect of their website, and have done so in a classy and funny way. The puns are amusing but not overused.

Ease of use: 3 stars. This is one area where the website could use a little help. The home page is a little cluttered, to the point where you don’t really know where to look. Testimonials (“Stories from the kitchen”) would be more effective if given their own page. Further, the three categories at the top of the home page (We Think, We Cook, and We Serve) all lead to the same page, so why waste space giving them their own buttons? Last, some of the pages lack appropriate titles—the home page is called ‘Page Sidebar’.

Functionality: 5 stars. Macaroni Brothers really shines in this area. As you would expect from a designer, they have all of the categories that you would expect as well as links to social networking sites and other web presences from Facebook to Skype.

Content: 4 stars. The content is witty, but there are a few grammatical and punctuation errors. If you are going to build a website in a language that you don’t speak natively, we recommend asking several native speakers to proofread carefully.

Appropriateness: 4 stars. While the food theme is witty, it may detract from the actual function of the company. Being clever is not the first goal of a business website, and Macaroni Brothers seems to lose sight of this in a few places.

Overall: 4.2 stars. This site has a great concept, but a few notable weaknesses. Because this is a media-focused business, we can only hope that they clear up these little details. Clients who notice these things will immediately lose site of the well designed whole and see only a lack of attention to detail.