Luxul Drops the Wireless, Gains a Future

By Mash Bonigala

Luxul is one of those companies that operates behind the scenes of daily life. It provides wireless and other IT solutions to a variety of businesses, including many hospitals and healthcare organizations, but most of us will not recognize this logo design. The unknown nature of this national leader is important because it is probably coming to an end. In addition to modifying their name, logo design and brand, the company is changing the way they market themselves and how they do business in general.

Wireless services and products such as ethernet switches and commercial grade routers may not be interesting, but they are necessary to the running of a modern business—and even a modern household. Luxul plans to begin marketing their company as a high quality and more technologically advanced option to more commercial companies. The new logo design is similar to the old one, except that it has dropped the ‘Wireless’ from the name, which is important because the company is introducing new networking services. In addition, the market has changed; while offering wireless services once set a company apart, it now is an assumed part of internet services.

The new marketing campaign is called ‘Simply Connected’ and will focus on simple solutions to networking problems. Many Americans have ongoing issues with their internet connection (call support, restart, begin again), and Luxul is trying to be the easy, common sense solution. Luxul’s new line is called Xen and offers pre-configured modular networks for both businesses and homes that are easy to install and easy to scale to the size that customers need. In addition, the company is offering a new mobile network service that will service people and companies that need access to their routers while out in the field.

One of the things that we dislike most about the old logo design is the ribbon that is wrapped around the X. This seems to make little sense for this industry. Unfortunately, this element has been kept in the new logo design. Indeed, the main change seems to be the removal of the word ‘Wireless’ and the addition of the new marketing campaign/tagline. The rebranding could have dealt with this and other issues in the logo design; unfortunately, it does not.

Whether your company or your industry is changing, it is important to change with the times. In this case, we see a company that is trying to remain relevant to existing customers while inviting a new and larger customer base to try their products. A new logo design and marketing campaign are two very effective ways of dealing with the issue. If your industry and your market are both changing, then you need to change as well.

How is your company keeping up with a rapidly changing world? If any aspect of your brand is out of date or no longer resonating with your customer base, talk to a logo designer about how you can make a change that will make all the difference.