Loviu Website Review


Most of us have visited t-shirt shops both on and off the internet, some of us quite frequently. A new t-shirt website is generally nothing to write about. However, Loviu is offering not just another t-shirt shop, but an interactive experience that will appeal to many art and casual wear lovers.

Website Reviewed: Loviu

Website URL: loviu.com

CSS website design allows sites to have some really cool bells and whistles without interfering with SEO or loading speed. The Loviu website shows off some of these features. The home page features thumbnails of the more popular designs, which pop out when you move your mouse over them. The website is interactive would-be artists can submit their own designs and have website visitors vote on them and even buy them, making Loviu a potential source of income for freelancers.

The website also offers a blog, a forum, and multiple opportunities to like them on Facebook. They clearly are trying to build more than a t-shirt store, but rather a place where t-shirt artists and t-shirt wearers can interact. This is a novel business scheme, and one that we hope succeeds.

There is ample visual stimulation thanks to all of the t-shirt designs, which is why the very simple design seen here is the only right choice. While color and unusual fonts are used to call attention to certain elements, they are used very sparingly. Even the logo design is simple: the name of the company in a modern lower case script. The overall result is a feeling of minimalism without getting austere or boring. In this case, while building a brand is important, overly complicated visual elements would detract from the t-shirt designs and reduce sales.

Creativity: 5 stars. The design is very creative, which is difficult to accomplish while maintaining the necessary simplicity. Black and white are the main colors, but little details such as paint dripping from the log-in boxes, add interest and artistry.

Ease of use: 5 stars. This website has a somewhat complicated model, but it is explained well. Visitors are walked through the process of submitting, voting, and ordering the shirt designs. Buying, voting, and submitting are each given their own header on the navigation bar, so you can easily find the function you need.

Functionality:  5 stars. As we mentioned before, you can ‘like’ the brand on Facebook, subscribe to the blog, or talk to other visitors on the forum. This is clearly a business that is trying to build their brand and their fan base.

Content: 3 stars. Because the business is active throughout Europe, there are an astounding nine languages to choose from. However, there are minor errors in the English version. They are minor indeed, but they detract from the overall shopping and browsing experience.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. The brand is youthful and stylish, like most of the designs. Loviu has obviously taken the necessary steps of identifying their key audience and creating a brand that will appeal to them.

Overall: 4.6 out of 5 stars