London Company Buys Golf Brand

By Mash Bonigala

Are you looking forward to a golf holiday in the near future? If so, you’ll be glad to hear that the financially bankrupt Inta group has been bought out. The North East’s most well recognized golf brand is now owned by London company Your Golf Travel, after being bought for a mere £100,000.

Your Golf Travel has recently been positioning itself to take advantage of the down economy, acquiring a variety of golf holiday related brands. This is a particularly large acquisition, with brands including 3D Golf,, Bill Goff Golf Tours, Longshot Golf Holidays, and others included in the Inta deal. In addition to this deal, Your Golf Travel has bought four UK golf related websites this year alone. This year, the company has become the largest golfing holiday company in the UK, as well as one of Britain’s fastest growing companies.

How has Your Golf Travel survived where others floundered? The company has certainly made prudent business decisions, but the strength of the brand and the logo design is one piece of the success. The colour palette of blues is serene enough to be inviting to anyone planning a holiday, but the brand speaks specifically to golf lovers as well. The image of a person in mid-swing is directly relevant to golfing, while the swing is shown as a round, inclusive shape. The idea that you, or anyone at all, can be included in a calming golf holiday is implied, a very welcome image for people in the UK looking for a trip close to home.

The writing of the logo design is plain so as not to detract from the grace of the image, along with a tagline below announcing that the organization is ‘No.1 for Golf Travel’. This gives an undertone of legitimacy that will be well appreciated in this traditional industry. This logo design combined with the company’s recent media recognition for being one of the nation’s fastest growing companies is sure to make people in London and all over the UK feel safe purchasing a vacation through this organisation.

The company is trying to avoid sullying its image by making this transition and takeover as painless as possible for everyone involved. Although it did not inherit Inta’s liabilities, people who were unable to get their money back for unused vacations prior to the purchase will be offered sharply discounted vacation packages from the new conglomerate. The offices in the North East are being closed, but the Inta workforce will be given preference applying for jobs in the London based company. To create a cohesive brand, all Inta websites will be rebranded to match the Your Golf Travel brand.

The failure of Inta came as a surprise to golf lovers and the business community alike. After purchasing 3D Golf, this company was itself one of the fastest growing companies in the golf vacation sector. However, it only underscores the importance of branding in competitive markets. In the end, the professionally developed logo design of Your Golf Travel has kept it relevant and highly successful in a very competitive market. If it can successfully pull the new parts of its company under the umbrella of the mother brand, this success is likely to continue.