Logos Can Be Boring With Out This


Your font, or logotype or text based logo, is an important part of your logo regardless of the exact kind of logo design you prefer. However, font choice is very important for businesses that choose to use a type-only logo. With no image, these logos can become boring or unsightly if they are not designed by a skilled professional.

We are happy to say that many modern typeface logos are beautiful and distinctive. In fact, we recently ran into a good example of this category: Type F, a new website from former supermodel Tyra Banks.

The stylized F is what stands out most in this logo, and we originally assumed it referred to fashion (considering the founder). However, according to Miss Banks it refers to the word ‘fierce’. We love the ribbon—fashioning a ribbon into a letter F without rendering it illegible is quite an accomplishment. The simplicity of the word ‘type’ allows the letter to really pop. The way the ribbon F splatters a little is odd, and it seems to add a little confusion because it does not match the rest of the design. However, it seems to work well in this case.

If we had one real criticism of the logo, it would be this: it does not seem to have a message. The most effective logo designs communicate information about the brand. Other than a superior sense of style, the Type F logo does not seem to say anything. However, the website itself seems to be rather up-in-the-air at this point; according to a recent press release, it is “a revolutionary fashion and beauty website that listens to what women want and gives them the answers they are looking for, when and where they want it.” Also, the logo design is similar to the icons you see for various computer programs, which could cause some brand confusion.

This SpellBrand well in full color on a computer screen, and we are curious as to how it will appear on paper, in television advertisements, and other media. At some point it will likely be rendered in black and white, which may dilute its power significantly.

Fashion logo design is uniquely style oriented. More so than in any other field, the designs must be attractive, distinctive, and professional. This logo design seems to meet those criteria well. It will be interesting to see how Type F evolves and whether it lives up to the promise of its brand. Also, fashion and style brands tend to be overly simple; we like the way this one is colorful while still being chic.

This logo design may be the beginning of a new trend in logos, with its bright color and its mix of fluid elements and splatter style. It’s nice to see something new in graphic design, so we look forward to the evolution of the brand.

How does your logo design match up? Are you using a logo design that is unique, interesting, and professional? If not, it may be time for a change.