Logo Handbags Still a Must for Many UK Women


This year Vogue is claiming that the “plain bag movement” is supplanting bold logo handbags in the UK. However, a recent auction at Christie’s suggests a very different trend. Nine Hermès Birkin handbags sold just a few weeks ago through the renowned auction house for more than £30,000 apiece.

While the Birkin could be called plain, it has a distinctive style that is hardly minimalist. These are large handbags to say the least, just a bit smaller than an attaché, and feature a bold metal bar with a lock. While the Hermès logo is not prominently displayed on the outside of the bag, it is distinctive and large enough to be recognized even from a distance by UK fashion lovers. One of the bags auctioned, a red alligator Birkin, sold for almost £50,000, which in many parts of the UK is more than the average salary and even enough to buy a reasonable family home.

Rather than making cutbacks in response to the government decree of austerity, many in London are embracing luxury goods more than ever. Selfridge’s claims that handbag sales are up from last year, and few of these totes are inexpensive. Even the so-called plain bags advocated by Vogue may cost more than £600 each.

Luxury logo designs define their companies, their brands, and their products. While the Birkin model may not bear the Hermès logo design, people associate it with its brand. Its brand would not be as strong without a beloved logo. This is why graphic design services are so important, particularly in style-conscious London and similar markets in the UK.

You don’t have to be a 200-year old company to have a luxury logo design and brand that people will pay huge amounts to carry. Consider, for example, the leather goods company Osprey or the American brand Coach. Founded just thirty years ago, Osprey has made huge profits from women’s love of luxury accessories, and the Coach logo can be found on handbags all over the world.

Designers claim that handbags take preference over even clothing and shoes for the stylish. In fact, most claim that the large logo bag rage isn’t going anywhere, despite decrees from the Government and Vogue. Some may argue that like an investment advisory company – see this brand, a fashion brand should also follow strict design guidelines. The UK has always been a forerunner in leather goods, and now the rest of the world is catching up. Handbags bearing luxury logo designs have already caught on the United States and mainland Europe, and buyers from other countries are trickling into the flagship stores that line Bond Street and Sloane Street in London. While the UK was once the key market for luxury handbags, and really still is, countries such as Russia, China, and Brazil are catching on.

One of the key advantages that luxury brands hold is a logo design that withstands the test of time. A Hermès handbag from decades ago would not hold so much appeal if not for their well-known and timeless brand. If your business needs a brand and a logo design with this amazing staying power, talk to a UK logo designer today.