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Logo Designing is an art form that we at SpellBrand have been breathing and living the last 20 years (since 1998!). As such we can not help but write voraciously about all facets of logo designing including design, plagiarism, industry news, resources, tips, tutorials and more. This resources sections brings together articles that the talented logo designers at SpellBrand have written over the years.

Since 1998 we have been creating award-winning logo designs for companies from around the world. Check out what 100s of our clients are saying about us. If you need a logo design that will take your brand to the next level and create the right impact, check out our logo design service page. If you want the complete visual language, then check out our brand identity service.

Logo Designing Insights & Tips

A collection of articles on how to think about and create logo designs. This includes insights, tips and more. Learning how to create a logo design that works well with the target audience and does justice to the client is more science than art. Inception and ideation is an art but the fundamentals of good logo designing can be learned.

Past Logo Design News

From 2008 until 2013, we at SpellBrand used to write a lot about logo design rebranding news. However, these have become outdated and so in an effort to clean up our blog, we have taken all those [...]

Logo Design Trends

I've shared a few of the most notable trends below by picking out logos that we have created that fall with in these logo trends. By sharing this, I aim to Expose you to some of the more popular [...]

New Brand Vs. Old Brand

We all go into the logo design process wanting to create the next cult classic. Having a logo that is recognized and loved passionately is good for everyone, including the business, the [...]

Logo Design Basics

Having a logo designed for your business can feel like a confusing and overly complicated issue. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Going through the logo design process can be simple if [...]

Role of Golf Logo Design

Golf is a ball and club (bat/stick) sport in which a golfer tries to hit the ball into as many holes dug in the ground as possible in the shortest time on an open area called green, course, and links.

Developing a Jewelry Logo

Whether your jewelry business is a small time deal being run from your home or a multi-national corporation, you need a jewelry logo that customers can identify. A jewelry logo will not only make [...]

Freelance Logo Design

Many people who need a logo are attracted to the concept of free logo design. It’s easy to see how this might be an attractive proposition. With all of the free and low-cost graphics options on [...]

Logo Designs Everywhere!

Most of us are made to believe that logos are related only to businesses and marketing. Though this notion may be true to a certain extent, it is not the complete truth. There are logos all [...]

Logo Design Programs

Logo Design Programs - There are a variety of options available when choosing logo design program. All are nice in their own way and may provide you with the services that you require, but logo [...]

Right Logo Design Firm

The Internet is a great place for finding things. Just inform the search engine about your query and it will present before you hundreds of options. No matter whether you are looking for a safety [...]

Logo Design News

A collection of logo design news over the years. This includes companies getting news logo designs, companies redesigning their logos, logo makeovers that failed and those that won. Some of the articles may be outdated since they are news items but you can still learn a thing of two from them.

Copyright & Trademark Infringement

Unfortunately, it’s in the human psyche to follow, shadow, steal from and ‘copy’ others. It takes much less time and effort but pays high dividends when a low-budget or startup company ‘imitates’ the products or services of a popular company. Here are some resources to help you understand and combat plagiarism and infringement.

Battle Of The Polos

Polo Ralph Lauren is one of the brightest stars in the apparel Fashion cosmos. More people know ‘polo’ as a clothing giant than as an outdoor game played by players mounted on horseback driving a [...]

Top 10 Logo Design Reviews

Over the years we have written about and reviewed 1000s of logos and here is a collection of the top 10 logos from over the years.

Top 10 Transparent Logos

Top 10 Transparent Logos: There was a time when transparency was somewhat of a no-no in logo design. While they certainly make for attractive and meaningful logos, images with multiple layers [...]

Top 10 Modern Art Logos

Top 10 Modern Art Logos: When you really look at it, some of the world’s most iconic logos are reminiscent of modern art. Think of the ultra-stylized Nike swoosh, for example. There are several [...]

Clash of the Jeans Logos

Almost everyone wears jeans, and most of us have our favorite brands. Because this is an industry with immense brand loyalty, building a brand and a logo design that invites a following is a [...]

Top 10 Bar Logos

There was a time when bars and other drinking establishments paid very little attention to branding. The assumption was that people were there to drink, not to buy into a brand.

Top 10 Black and White Logos

There are several advantages to having a black and white logo design. First, it can hint at sophistication. Second, it gives a factual, ‘black and white’ image. From a practical standpoint, black [...]

Top 10 Vegetarian Logos

Businesses catering to this niche market is finding huge success. Here are the top ten vegetarian and vegan food logos, created to appeal to a very discerning and even picky group of eaters.

Top 10 Punctuation Logos

We see punctuation all around us, yet most of us think very little about it. However, punctuation can be very powerful in communicating emotion and speaking patterns, be it a pause or a sense of [...]

Top 10 Neon Logos

Neon logos used to be popular due to their resemblance to the most commonly used signs of their times. However, they went out of mode and the style was seldom seen again until very recently.

Top 10 Golf Course Logos

Golf is a huge international sport, with people from all over the world planning vacations and fun weekends spent on the green. This makes golf brand logo designs very important because they must [...]

Top 10 Golf Brand Logos

Do you think about what type of golf clubs you buy? If you are like many golfers, a great deal of daydreaming is dedicated to this topic. People buy a certain brand not just for its technological [...]

Top 10 Alcohol Logos

Alcohol beverages are popular throughout most of the world, making this a huge global industry. However, this is an image-conscious industry where a drink must have not only a certain taste but a [...]

Top 10 Theme Park Logos

What must a theme park logo design convey? In some cases, family-friendly fun is the desired brand. For others, a sense of technological thrill and superiority are the main message. Whatever the [...]

Top 10 Ambigram Logos

What is an ambigram? Simply put, it is a word that is creatively drawn so that it forms the same word when viewed from another angle. There are many variations of the ambigram, but the following [...]

Top 10 Denim Logos

Almost everyone in the United States wears denim on a regular basis, and most of these people also have a favorite denim brand. Some of these customer loyalty is due to the fit and cut of the [...]

Top 10 Las Vegas Logos

Most people don’t associate Sin City with logos, but there are plenty of great logo designs to look at when walking Las Vegas’ busy streets. These logos are intended to entice people planning [...]

Top 10 Tea Company Logos

Americans have recently rediscovered tea, with the formerly dowdy drink now being given the same respect as coffee and even fine wine. As such, a variety of tea companies new and old are courting [...]

Top 10 Gaming Logos

Much has been said about the logos of major gaming platforms, from X-Box to the Nintendo Wii. However, these are not the only logos on a video game box. In fact, game design companies are big [...]

Top 10 Mini-Mart Logos

Mini-marts are emporiums of impulse purchases. They offer products that people don’t actively shop for, but merely ‘pick up’ while they are in transit from one place to another. Because impulse [...]

Top 10 Museum Logos

Because there are a lot of creative minds at a museum, their logos tend to be some of the most innovative and creative on the market. Here are ten museum logos that are winners both in their [...]

Top 10 Classic Logos

While rebranding is a necessary step for most companies as people and societies evolve through the decades, some logos seem to withstand the test of time (see Top 5 Rebranding Mistakes). The [...]

Top 10 Candy Bar Logos

Candy bars demand a logo that stands out in the crowd. People generally buy candy either out of product loyalty or as a spontaneous decision. Candy is generally sold besides hundreds of other [...]

The 10 Ten Biker Logos

Motorcycle riders tend to be very brand loyal when it comes to their bikes. Many enthusiasts have a favorite brand and simply will not deviate from it. While some of this loyalty is due to the [...]

Top 10 Toy Company Logos

Often, just as much time and money go into developing a logo and brand image for a toy as went into actually developing the toy. This is because toy designers and executives know that the quality [...]

Top 10 Street Sign Logos

Many people do not believe that travel logos are all around them, having a subconscious effect on their behavior. If you are one of these people, here is some evidence that may change your mind: [...]

Top 10 Global Logos

Have you ever wondered how a company grows from a small business to an international giant? The logo is at least one piece of these success stories. Here are ten companies that are dominating [...]

Top Ten Vacation Logos

The key goal of vacation-related logos is to inspire trust. After all, it takes an immense amount of trust to pay large sums of money in advance to visit a place you have never seen or to step [...]

Top 10 Olympics Logos

Once a mere sporting contest, the Olympic Games are now a major event that receives worldwide attention and coverage. Each set of games has its own location, traditions, and a professional sports logo.

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