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Logo Designing is an art form that we at SpellBrand have been breathing and living the last 20 years (since 1998!). As such we can not help but write voraciously about all facets of logo designing including design, plagiarism, industry news, resources, tips, tutorials and more. This resources sections brings together articles that the talented logo designers at SpellBrand have written over the years.

Since 1998 we have been creating award-winning logo designs for companies from around the world. Check out what 100s of our clients are saying about us. If you need a logo design that will take your brand to the next level and create the right impact, check out our logo design service page. If you want the complete visual language, then check out our brand identity service.

Logo Designing Insights & Tips

A collection of articles on how to think about and create logo designs. This includes insights, tips and more. Learning how to create a logo design that works well with the target audience and does justice to the client is more science than art. Inception and ideation is an art but the fundamentals of good logo designing can be learned.

The Power of a Company Logo Design

If you are a small company trying to establish yourself online or offline then the first thing that you introduce to potential customers is your logo. Find out why your company logo design is the [...]

Use Of Color In Creating Logo Designs

In the modern concept, manipulation of colors to get a desired effect is believed to be both subjective and technical. Colors have a strong impact on our logical or emotional state. For instance, [...]

Logo Design Redesigns and Makeovers Of the Past

Kettal Redesigns Logo Originally posted Oct 28, 2010 Kettal recently redesigned many aspects of their brand, refining the style of their well known furniture lines. Because the style of the [...]

How to Create a Photography Logo

We spoke to 10 professional London photographers with equally great but very different logo designs to discover if we could find out more about what it takes to create a successful photography logo.

Logo Design Agency London

Since 2005 we have been serving startups and entrepreneurs in London and around the UK with award winning logo design and brand identity services!

Can Your Logo Design Effect Your Bottom line?

Start up companies and for that matter companies that have already been established often fail to see the relation between proper branding and visual identity and the results they have on their [...]

Logo Design Trends

I've shared a few of the most notable trends below by picking out logos that we have created that fall with in these logo trends. By sharing this, I aim to Expose you to some of the more popular [...]

The Power Of A Company Mascot

You see mascots associated with brands all the time, both for big, international names and for small, local brands. But are mascots all they’re cracked up to be?

What really makes a logo tick?

Memorable logos have a special place in the minds and hearts of people. As visual references for a company or group, logos bring vivid memories or instant reputations whenever they are seen. But [...]

6 Qualities of a Practical Logo

As a business owner, you want the best thing for your brand, and that includes creating the best logo. A good logo is not just a matter of taste. It has numerous qualities that need be [...]

What Should Your Logo Look Like?

Deciding what your company logo should look like is one of the first important decisions you must make a new business owner. In today’s post I put together some loosely connected items that [...]

The Art Of Logo Design Video

Here is a short video of me working on a logo design and branding project for a client of ours. I wanted to talk about the passion and dedication that goes into creating every logo design and how [...]

Visual Attention, Research and Logos

Designing a logo may be creative by nature but it should not be necessarily left to chance. There is scientific data rooted in psychology that can help logo designers capture the attention of [...]

Creating a Winning Logo

A logo is the best medium to represent a business, an organization, a church, or any other entity. It is an effective visual illustration of a group, service, or even an individual that helps [...]

Fast Food Design Lessons

All of us have at least one fast food restaurant where we have eaten at regularly. Just the sight of the logo of our favorite fast food joint is enough to make us feel all fuzzy and warm. Granted [...]

A logo starts with a concept

Think of designing a logo as both a science and art. It needs precision with basic design elements and it also needs a finer understanding of aesthetics to make it work. With the help of [...]

Tips for a Logo with Lasting Impact

A logo is not meant to be an ordinary image. It has to stand out and be a visual reference for a business company. Once a logo becomes familiar in the consciousness of people, especially your [...]

How To Keep Your Logo Young

Successful logos endure the test of time. The best logos have been used by big businesses to represent their brands for decades and counting. The secret is not akin to rocket science at all. It [...]

Visual Fundamentals of a Business Identity

A business identity is more than just an image. It represents a company thus each and every element of the logo should reflect the brand of the business. This is no trivial matter; each element [...]

Building from the Success of Others

To achieve the best results for a logo design, it is important to think of a logo as a symbol. It is not a mere image; it is a representation of a group, a business or even an advocacy. [...]

Logo Design Pitfalls to Avoid

Logo design may not be a precise science but it is definitely an art. Aesthetics is a significant factor in determining the success of a logo. A logo has more weight than a typical image because [...]

Simple Is Always Better

All successful companies have a memorable logo to help provide a visual representation of their brand. It takes careful planning to find the best fit for a business logo. But when a business does [...]

The Impact of Color Theory On Design

The color theory gives us a clear understanding of the harmonious relationships between colors. Colors are not just visual treats. They can also communicate messages by way of the various [...]

The Right Combination of Elements

Most of the time, a logo leaves the first impression for a business. It is what people see in advertisements, billboards and even official communication. It is the symbol of the identity of a [...]

The Value of Typography in Logo Design

Typography In Logo Design - When it comes to logo design, the value of typography can never be taken for granted. If the point of a logo is to communicate messages, there is no better way to do [...]

The Allure Of Timeless Logos

Luxury brands are desired by everyone, even those who can’t afford them. This is because what they’re actually selling is a dream, an ambition of owning something that only an elite few can have. [...]

Approach to a successful logo

Approach to a successful logo: A logo is a design/emblem/trademark of a company. Brand, on the other hand, is an idea or image associated by consumers with a particular product or service. The [...]

Pitching the Old Logo

Pitchfork is one of the up-and-coming music websites, offering a website, a concert series and a music video channel of the same name. The company has been growing steadily in both popularity and [...]

Tropical Destination Branding

Destination branding is one of the hottest areas of logo design. While people once decided on a vacation spot based almost entirely on prior experience and word of mouth, they now tend to look [...]

Different Logo Fonts

When you are thinking about a new logo design, you probably think a lot about the image that will be a part of the logo like this brokerage logo we created. However, the font can be just as [...]

A Blurb about Subtle Redesign

Sometimes rebranding, redesigning and developing a new logo design does not have to mean drastic changes. Find out what to do in order to develop a newly relevant brand.

Is a Personal Logo Right for You?

Building a brand is all about your customers. It only makes sense that your personal logo would also be about them. And what do people love to look at more than themselves?

Small Changes to Logos

Everything around us changes. We try to keep up with these changes. It is often called growth. Companies grow too. Not always at the same rate and way that many of their competitors might, but [...]

The Best Places to Display Logos

Display Logos – Logos have been around a lot longer than the computer age. They were first seen on banners, flags, Coats of Arms, shields and armor, just to mention few. Others were used in [...]

Logo design begins with the basics

Times are changing. Some of the greatest, most successful companies have the greatest logos. The design of their logos haven’t changed much over the years. Why? Because they found the logo [...]

Why Some Companies Change Their Logo

Many other companies have gone through the “Logo Change” during their lives, only to find out that changing their logo didn’t do any good, and things picked back up and got better when they [...]

Logos Can Be Boring With Out This

Your font, or logotype or text based logo, is an important part of your logo regardless of the exact kind of logo design you prefer. However, font choice is very important for businesses that [...]

When to use a character in your logo design

There are times when a little character is needed—and we mean that literally. While simple and iconic is a great theme for many logo samples, some companies have names and/or brands that beg for [...]

In Game Advertising for Your Logo Design?

You can’t turn on the television, fire up your laptop, or even walk down a street without being bombarded with logo designs and marketing messages. Many people assume that our world is saturated [...]

Simple and Relevant Logo Design Power

Google Shows That Keeping It Simple and Relevant Logo Design Is Keeping It Relevant: As a logo designer knows, many business owners are disappointed by extremely simple logos. Many feel that they [...]

Bad Logos and their unintended consequences

Bad Logos come in all shapes and sizes. Some are naturally better than others, some have unintended consequences and can be considered as bad logos. Designing logos is a long process where [...]

Animal additions to Logo Designs

There are many iconographic images of animals in logos from Puma to the Cadberry Bunnies. An image of a company can be represented well with many animal inclusions to a logo. Speed, prowess, [...]

Make your logo work for you

Logos are among the more interesting parts of a company’s image. Logos brand a company, they emit its core values and most of all give a look and feel to the company. Each part of the logo design [...]

Good Logos to enhance brand recognition

A great logo can make or break a new website. Recognition is an amazing tool for reaching prospective user. This can help incorporate a mission statement as well as core values into a small [...]

Strong Logo Design Placement

For web sites and web designers a strong logo design which conveys the heart of a website’s mission statement is an integral part of branding through you website. This logo varies greatly [...]

Small Business Branding Through Logo Design

Can you brand your company through logo design? While a great logo alone won’t carry your company—usually—it certainly can give you the advantage you need. Here are a few things to ask yourself [...]

Seasonal Logo Changes: Delightful or Disastrous?

All around the world, many companies with famous logos modify their famous marks to celebrate seasonal holidays and festivals. Perhaps the best-known company for this is the Google logo. This [...]

Is Your Logo Versatile Enough?

What’s in a small business logo? This image is not just a pretty picture to put on your sign; it is also a visual representation of your company’s brand. This means that your logo must be [...]

Logo Design Basics

Having a logo designed for your business can feel like a confusing and overly complicated issue. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Going through the logo design process can be simple if [...]

Role of Golf Logo Design

This is the second article of the ‘Role of Sports Logo Design’ series starting with basketball logo design. In our previous article, you are promised a series of articles on sports teams, clubs [...]

Unique Logo Design – Do you need one?

Are you looking for a logo that will stand apart from all the others? In a world that deems inundated with logos and graphics, this can be a tall order. However, there is hope for people seeking [...]

Developing a Jewelry Logo

Whether your jewelry business is a small time deal being run from your home or a multi-national corporation, you need a jewelry logo that customers can identify. A jewelry logo will not only make [...]

Building your construction business brand

Construction, building, development and property building is a competitive business, but there are ways you can stay ahead of the competition. One method that will set you apart is branding. [...]

Airlines Logos With Flying Colors

Aircraft logos – Air India – Indian Airlines Flying in the air like a bird has been an obsession with man since ages. After mastering the travel by road and then by water, man’s attention [...]

Elegant Logo Design

Are you in an aesthetically oriented business such as interior design, fashion, or beauty? You likely are in need of an elegant logo design that showcases your sense of style. If you are trying [...]

Freelance Logo Design

Many people who need a logo are attracted to the concept of free logo design. It’s easy to see how this might be an attractive proposition. With all of the free and low cost graphics options on [...]

Basketball Logo Design

In the previous article ‘Role of Sports Logo Design’, the first of the series of articles on Sports Logo Designs, we have seen how and why companies – giant and dwarf alike – sponsor sports as a [...]

Custom T-Shirt Design | T shirt Logo Design

T shirts for Team Building Is your logo wasting away on signs and paper products? It may be time to put that t shirt logo design to work on some living, walking advertisements. How can you do [...]

Can your company logo make your company look big?

Every day I see at least one project where the client says they want the logo to make their company look big. While this is an interesting notion and nothing wrong with the thought process behind [...]

Logo Design Plagiarism on design contest site

I had been reading a lot about how designer in design contest sites rip off designs and post them as concepts. Today, we realized SpellBrand has also become a victim of this issue. We had created [...]

The Role of Logo Design in Determining Positioning

The “positioning” of a company’s products or services determines its competitive placement. Each and every marketing device – a marketing logo, a tag line, packaging artwork, pricing, promotional [...]

Practical considerations in designing your logo

The right combination of logo design colors, font texture, patterns, and images usually result in a good logo design. You have to remember though, that your logo is not a standalone symbol. It is [...]

Logo Design History

A brief history of logo design from the ancient symbols and hieroglyphics right up to the modern day logo designing and more.

Is Logo Design a commodity?

As I was getting ready to start my daily project assignment, this morning, I got a call from Isaac Iren. Isaac was our very first client back in 1998, when I had set up a logo design company. He [...]

Logo Design File Formats

When getting a logo designed, it is important to pay attention to the kind of files to expect and the files you actually get. Professional logo design companies usually provide the following [...]

Logo Design Programs

Logo Design Programs - There are a variety of options available when choosing logo design program. All are nice in their own way and may provide you with the services that you require, but logo [...]

Finding Logo Design Services

There are a variety of places that you can find logo design services. You will be able to find the services that meet your needs and your budget. All it takes is a little searching and you will [...]

A Radical Approach to Logo Design

If you want to create compelling logo designs sometimes you have to think outside the box or break conventions. Now, a new study reveals a unique way to develop logos – use images that consumers [...]

Minimalist Style Logo Designs

As designers who specialize in corporate identity, we have seen many clients who are in need of a professional logo design and feel that having everything including the kitchen sink in their [...]

Text Based Logos

For many companies the idea of a logo will mean a graphic or icon next to the name. A classic layout that works for many companies in various industries. There are times however, when the text [...]

Enclosed Emblem Style Logos

Enclosed logos can be categorized as several different kinds of corporate identity styles. Essentially enclosed logos consist of combined designs where all the element, text and graphics come [...]

Logo Design Lessons from Google

We know the search engine giant Google is the most valuable brand in the whole world. Yet, its logo design is made of simple font and basic colors. Although it has enough money to do a logo [...]

A Goal Oriented Logo Design

Every logo design should have a goal. Just because a business is small does not mean that their company logo design should be shoddy.

Logo For Boat Finance

Logo For Boat Finance – One on the most important things that you need to know about your client base is that for a significant percent of him or her – this is luxurious hobby. That [...]

Creating a logo for your RV Finance company

Creating a logo for RV Finance company – The RV lifestyle has a great appeal to many people. They would love to travel the country at their own pace and take in all the sights that they [...]

How to work with a logo designer at SpellBrand

Ok. Now that you have decided to get a logo designed there are a few things that you need to be aware of so that you can get the most out of your logo designer at SpellBrand. Please note that [...]

What to look for in a good logo designer?

When engaging a logo design company to design your good logo design, the first thing to be sure about is weather you will have direct access to a logo designer. A lot of the online logo design [...]

Vector Graphics and Raster Graphics Difference

Word processors and spreadsheet or presentation applications, although suitable for creating files for office or Internet use, are not recommended for creating digital art for print. Microsoft [...]

The Making Of A Great Logo Design

Great Logo Design - what makes it? The function of a logo does not end with communicating the type of business. Find out how a great logo is made.

Abstract Logos – What are they?

What does a swoosh mean to you? For most of the Americans, one glance at this symbol is sufficient to recognize it as a Nike product. Similarly three angular stripes creating a shape of mountain [...]

Catchy Custom Logo Design? Do Your Homework First

So you are in look out for a cutting edge, catchy, custom logo design! Of course, a professional designer can deliver you exactly the thing that you desire! But don’t you want that extra [...]

Effective Logo Designing – First Impressions

Going to meet a prospective customer for the first time? Keep it in mind: he/ she’s already framed an impression about your business establishment. How do I know that? Why, he might have [...]

Use an Alluring Logo Design : Promote Your Views

The modern urban living cannot be separated from advertisements. Every day we are bombarded with advertisements in so many forms that our brains fail to recount most of them. There are very few [...]

Logo Design News

A collection of logo design news over the years. This includes companies getting news logo designs, companies redesigning their logos, logo makeovers that failed and those that won. Some of the articles may be outdated since they are news items but you can still learn a thing of two from them.

Copyright & Trademark Infringement

Unfortunately, it’s in the human psyche to follow, shadow, steal from and ‘copy’ others. It takes much less time and effort but pays high dividends when a low-budget or startup company ‘imitates’ the products or services of a popular company. Here are some resources to help you understand and combat plagiarism and infringement.

Brands & Trademark Infringement

The article in Fashionista by Chantal Fernandez, Feb 2, 2015: “Gucci Loses Trademark Infringement Case Against Guess in France”, got me thinking, once again, about Trademark/copyright [...]

Battle Of The Polos

Nature is full of fashion. Fashion is found all around us and in every living being, including plants. Some plants fashion their flowers so artistically that there is no way the insects can [...]

Protect Your Brand with Trademarks

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort developing your own unique brand, and the last thing you want is for someone to copy—or steal outright—all of your hard work. That’s what a “trademark” is [...]

Logo Design Trademark and Copyright Protection

Trademarks, patents and copyrights may sound all the same to lay people. But there are actual differences especially in the context of logo design. In a nutshell, copyright is the protection for [...]

5 Ways to (Legally) Source Images

Nothing gives a website or brochure more impact than a well-chosen photo. You know this, because you’ve spent two full hours clicking through Google Images looking for exactly the right one to [...]

Logo Design Pitfalls to Avoid

Logo design may not be a precise science but it is definitely an art. Aesthetics is a significant factor in determining the success of a logo. A logo has more weight than a typical image because [...]

Copyright Infringement Never Pays

Copyright infringement may be illegal, but it is still very common. It is not uncommon to see a company copy another UK logo design, name, or other brand aspects to avoid paying for professional [...]

Seagull Subject of Logo Dispute

If you live anywhere with a sizeable teen population, you have seen the familiar seagull associated with the Hollister brand. The Hollister logo design, which can be seen at any mall near you, is [...]

Logo Design Contests and Crowdsourcing

A newly popular ‘alternative’ way to get a logo design is to go through one of the many logo design contest or crowdsourcing websites that are popping up all over the internet. However, are these [...]

French Antipiracy Agency Accused of Plagiarism

Logo design enthusiasts all over Europe are watching as the French anti-piracy agency Hadopi has been accused of design copycatting. The agency logo, which ironically represents an agency that is [...]

How to Trademark a Logo Design

Trademarking: How to Do It, and Why You Should Many small business owners consider trademarking a matter for large corporations. However, registering a trademark to protect your intellectual [...]

Avoiding Legal Hassles in an Online Business

When the dot com boom started years ago, the internet was like the Wild West, with anyone and everyone trying any and everything to make money. That is the main reason the bubble burst so soon. [...]

Is Clip art based logo design good?

We see often that a very easy route for most small businesses in terms of their corporate identity is a clip art based logo designer that is either designed by themselves or by a freelance [...]