Logo Design Resources

Logo Designing is an art form that we at SpellBrand have been breathing and living the last 20 years (since 1998!). As such we can not help but write voraciously about all facets of logo designing including design, plagiarism, industry news, resources, tips, tutorials and more. This resources sections brings together articles that the talented logo designers at SpellBrand have written over the years.

Since 1998 we have been creating award-winning logo designs for companies from around the world. Check out what 100s of our clients are saying about us. If you need a logo design that will take your brand to the next level and create the right impact, check out our logo design service page. If you want the complete visual language, then check out our brand identity service.

Logo Designing Insights & Tips

A collection of articles on how to think about and create logo designs. This includes insights, tips and more. Learning how to create a logo design that works well with the target audience and does justice to the client is more science than art. Inception and ideation is an art but the fundamentals of good logo designing can be learned.

The Power of a Company Logo Design

If you are a small company trying to establish yourself online or offline then the first thing that you introduce to potential customers is your logo. Find out why your company logo design is the [...]

Logo Design Archives

Since 1998 we have written tons of articles covering logo design news, redesigns, makeovers and more. Over the years, these articles have lost their relevance. So we have decided to take all [...]

Use Of Color In Creating Logo Designs

In the modern concept, manipulation of colors to get a desired effect is believed to be both subjective and technical. Colors have a strong impact on our logical or emotional state. For instance, [...]

Past Logo Design News

From 2008 until 2013, we at SpellBrand used to write a lot about logo design rebranding news. However, these have become outdated and so in an effort to clean up our blog, we have taken all those [...]

Types Of Effective Logo Designs

In this article, we look at the different types of logo designs and what makes each type effective. Choosing the right type of logo design to represent your brand is very critical in telling your [...]

How to Create a Photography Logo

We spoke to 10 professional London photographers with equally great but very different logo designs to discover if we could find out more about what it takes to create a successful photography logo.

The Real Cost Of A Logo Design

The real cost of a logo design is the impact it has on your business - both positive and negative. And no one should take their logo design lightly. Let us look at the real cost of a logo design.

Logo Design Agency London

Since 2005 we have been serving startups and entrepreneurs in London and around the UK with award winning logo design and brand identity services!

Can Your Logo Design Effect Your Bottom line?

Start-up companies and for that matter, companies that have already been established often fail to see the relationship between proper branding and visual identity and the results they have on [...]

Africa Agro Productions Logo

Agro-Productions is a seed company based in Africa (Burkina Faso) which produces and sells high-quality seed to African farmers for crops such as corn, soybeans, and sorghum. Most farmers are [...]

How to Select a Good Logo Designer

As I’ve mentioned before, logos are essential to creating a great brand, so you want to make sure that the graphic designer making your logo is the best available. Whether you’re hiring your logo [...]

Logo Design Trends

I've shared a few of the most notable trends below by picking out logos that we have created that fall with in these logo trends. By sharing this, I aim to Expose you to some of the more popular [...]

The Power Of A Company Mascot

You see mascots associated with brands all the time, both for big, international names and for small, local brands. But are mascots all they’re cracked up to be?

What really makes a logo tick?

Memorable logos have a special place in the minds and hearts of people. As visual references for a company or group, logos bring vivid memories or instant reputations whenever they are seen. But [...]

6 Qualities of a Practical Logo

As a business owner, you want the best thing for your brand, and that includes creating the best logo. A good logo is not just a matter of taste. It has numerous qualities that need be [...]

Storytelling With Symbols

Symbols can evoke a perception or tell a narrative with just the mere sight of it. Before a logo should use a symbol, it must be carefully researched...

Creating a Winning Logo

An effective logo can convey so much message—the color, overall design, font style, and all the other elements pulled together have a special meaning.

Fast Food Design Lessons

So what do you think makes the logo of fast food establishments powerful and highly effective? Let’s look into the logos of a few famous restaurants.

First impressions count

First impressions count. It spells the difference between a successful commercial venture and lost opportunities.

How To Keep Your Logo Young

When a logo design is not working out as planned, here are a few factors to consider for the longevity of a logo.

Simple Is Always Better

Any business can never go wrong with a minimalist approach to their business logo. After all, simple is always beautiful.

The Right Combination of Elements

Process of creating a logo is not easy as some may think. Combining various elements together to form the right logo takes time and research.

Corporate vs Product Logo Design

As your market changes, you will need a new logo that suits their needs. Branding and design are not one-time tasks, but rather a gradual evolution.

The Value of Typography in Logo Design

Typography In Logo Design - When it comes to logo design, the value of typography can never be taken for granted. If the point of a logo is to communicate messages, there is no better way to do [...]

Making Memorable Logos

A logo is more than just a simple image. It is the embodiment of your company especially its brand of quality and commitment to customers.

The Allure Of Timeless Logos

Here are the top timeless logos that show that through emotional attachment, they are able to capture the attention of all markets.

Putting the design puzzle together

There are still companies and designers out there today, amidst all this chaos of flea market of logo design websites, who continually strive to approach logo designing as an art form.

What are Your Charity’s Goals?

Here are some questions a logo designer would need to answer in order to create an effective logo for a charity or non-profit organization.

Pitching the Old Logo

This is a great example of how companies can rebrand without losing the more salient parts of their brand. The new logo design is easy to identify and also easy to relate to the former one.

Tropical Destination Branding

Destination branding is one of the hottest areas of logo design. While people once decided on a vacation spot based almost entirely on prior experience and word of mouth, they now tend to look [...]

A Blurb about Subtle Redesign

Sometimes rebranding, redesigning and developing a new logo design does not have to mean drastic changes. Find out what to do in order to develop a newly relevant brand.

Is a Personal Logo Right for You?

Building a brand is all about your customers. It only makes sense that your personal logo would also be about them. And what do people love to look at more than themselves?

Logo Design Contests and Crowdsourcing

A newly popular ‘alternative’ way to get a logo design is to go through one of the many logo design contest or crowdsourcing websites that are popping up all over the internet. However, are these [...]

Destination Branding Around the World

How important is destination branding? Does your UK town, beach, or park really need a logo design to attract visitors? Shouldn’t having a great place to visit be enough?

New Brand Vs. Old Brand

We all go into the logo design process wanting to create the next cult classic. Having a logo that is recognized and loved passionately is good for everyone, including the business, the [...]

When to use a character in your logo design

There are times when a little character is needed—and we mean that literally. While simple and iconic is a great theme for many logo samples, some companies have names and/or brands that beg for [...]

Simple and Relevant Logo Design Power

Google Shows That Keeping It Simple and Relevant Logo Design Is Keeping It Relevant: As a logo designer knows, many business owners are disappointed by extremely simple logos.

Make your logo work for you

Logos are among the more interesting parts of a company’s image. Logos brand a company, they emit its core values and most of all give a look and feel to the company.

Good Logos to enhance brand recognition

A great logo can make or break a new website. Recognition is an amazing tool for reaching the prospective user. This can help incorporate a mission statement as well as core values into a small [...]

Is Your Logo Versatile Enough?

What’s in a small business logo? This image is not just a pretty picture to put on your sign; it is also a visual representation of your company’s brand.

Logo Design Basics

Having a logo designed for your business can feel like a confusing and overly complicated issue. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Going through the logo design process can be simple if [...]

Role of Golf Logo Design

Golf is a ball and club (bat/stick) sport in which a golfer tries to hit the ball into as many holes dug in the ground as possible in the shortest time on an open area called green, course, and links.

Developing a Jewelry Logo

Whether your jewelry business is a small time deal being run from your home or a multi-national corporation, you need a jewelry logo that customers can identify. A jewelry logo will not only make [...]

Building your construction business brand

Construction, building, development and property building is a competitive business, but there are ways you can stay ahead of the competition. One method that will set you apart is branding.

Freelance Logo Design

Many people who need a logo are attracted to the concept of free logo design. It’s easy to see how this might be an attractive proposition. With all of the free and low-cost graphics options on [...]

Custom T-Shirt Design | T-shirt Logo Design

Is your logo wasting away on signs and paper products? It may be time to put that t-shirt logo design to work on some living, walking advertisements. How can you do this? It can be as simple as [...]

Logo Designs Everywhere!

Most of us are made to believe that logos are related only to businesses and marketing. Though this notion may be true to a certain extent, it is not the complete truth. There are logos all [...]

Logo Design History

A brief history of logo design from the ancient symbols and hieroglyphics right up to the modern day logo designing and more.

Is Logo Design a commodity?

Due to the increased popularity of this service and the perceived notion that Logo Designing was an easy business, we now have 1000s of online companies and freelancers offering logo design services.

Logo Design Programs

Logo Design Programs - There are a variety of options available when choosing logo design program. All are nice in their own way and may provide you with the services that you require, but logo [...]

What does Seth Godin say about logos?

Seth compares the 3 most popular logos of all time - Nike, Star Bucks, and Apple and how much the companies paid to get those logos developed, to the ridiculous amount that went into developing [...]

Be Leery of Free Logo Design Service

Your logo design is the storefront of your business. You want your logo design to be unique, professional and represent your business as a reliable and dependable business.  Unless you are a [...]

Logo Design Myths Busted – Part I

Online logo design has become a mainstream business now. Like any other business, you find the honest and the not-so-honest participants in the online logo design industry.

Do It Yourself Logo Design

The logo design software advertised are nothing more than applications that help you put together pre-built templates or clip art images and lets you add your company name to make it into a [...]

Vector Graphics and Raster Graphics Difference

If you happen to hold interest in the field of logo designing, you must have heard of the term "vector graphics". The modern logo designing is hugely dependent on this hi-tech logo designing [...]

The Corporate Logo – The Face of Your Business

Have you ever noticed, how interesting your chat on Yahoo or MSN IM becomes if your friend adds an image in the box? This is because we always like to interact with a specific identity and a face [...]

The Famous Canon Logo: Origin and Evolution

Among some of the critically acclaimed logos in the whole world, the Canon logo occupies a place of distinction. Be it the vibrant red color or the unusual C with its inverted edge all the [...]

The Making Of A Great Logo Design

Great Logo Design - what makes it? The function of a logo does not end with communicating the type of business. Find out how a great logo is made.

Right Logo Design Firm

The Internet is a great place for finding things. Just inform the search engine about your query and it will present before you hundreds of options. No matter whether you are looking for a safety [...]

E-Commerce Logo Design for websites

There was a time when companies used special symbols in their product labels for the easy identification of the manufacturer. These were the earliest forms of logos.

Logo Design News

A collection of logo design news over the years. This includes companies getting news logo designs, companies redesigning their logos, logo makeovers that failed and those that won. Some of the articles may be outdated since they are news items but you can still learn a thing of two from them.

Copyright & Trademark Infringement

Unfortunately, it’s in the human psyche to follow, shadow, steal from and ‘copy’ others. It takes much less time and effort but pays high dividends when a low-budget or startup company ‘imitates’ the products or services of a popular company. Here are some resources to help you understand and combat plagiarism and infringement.

Brands & Trademark Infringement

The article in Fashionista by Chantal Fernandez, Feb 2, 2015: “Gucci Loses Trademark Infringement Case Against Guess in France”, got me thinking, once again, about Trademark/copyright [...]

Battle Of The Polos

Polo Ralph Lauren is one of the brightest stars in the apparel Fashion cosmos. More people know ‘polo’ as a clothing giant than as an outdoor game played by players mounted on horseback driving a [...]

How to Trademark a Logo Design

Many small business owners consider trademarking a matter for large corporations. However, registering a trademark to protect your intellectual property can be beneficial to many companies, from [...]

Avoiding Legal Hassles in an Online Business

There are not too many, they are not too complicated and they are there for your own good. You need to know and understand the basics to avoid needless hassles as your online business progresses.

Top 10 Logo Design Reviews

Over the years we have written about and reviewed 1000s of logos and here is a collection of the top 10 logos from over the years.

Christmas Logo Design Styles

Christmas logos don’t have to be typical or cliched. In fact, there are many ways to keep them interesting without adding too much clutter to a logo. See how!

Top 10 FinTech Startup Brands

The fastest growing startups and the ones with the most impact on the business world and a new breed of financial technology startups need new logo designs!

Clash of the Logos: Denim Edition

Almost everyone wears jeans, and most of us have our favourite brands. Because clothing & fashion is an industry with immense brand loyalty, building a brand and a logo design that invite a [...]

Top 5 Logos with Texture

You may not think of logo design as having a distinct texture, but this seems to be somewhat of an up and coming trend in the industry.

Best Logo Design Placements in Film

What better way to get your brand noticed than to put it in a popular movie? Any teenage girl can tell you what make of car Edward Cullen of Twilight drives, and those of us old enough to [...]

Top Ten Creepy Crawly Logos

Who would ever think that insects could become commonplace in logo design? What then inspires logo designers to use insects in logos.

Top 10 New Vintage Logos

Top 10 New Vintage Logos: The following logos are some modern designs with strong vintage flair.

Top 10 Urban Logos

Top 10 Urban Logos that are undeniably urban, showing multiple different ways to use this trend with success.

Top 10 Dotted Logos

Top 10 Dotted Logos: These logos manage to be unique and timeless even though using a very stylish, contemporary design style.

Top 10 Wordplay Logos

These Top 10 Wordplay Logos are text-only, but keep it interesting and unique, just as a professional logo should.

Top 10 Initial Based Logos

The following Top 10 Initials Based Logos are great examples of logo samples of how a very simple concept can be turned into a recognizable and highly personal part of a company’s brand.

Top 10 Math Logos

Top 10 Math Logos: Math symbols are becoming increasingly trendy in logo design.

Top 10 Leaf Based Logos

More and more we are seeing leaves in logo designs. Whether this is due to the popularity of the eco-movement or another factor, some of these designs go beyond the usual and instead are [...]

Top 10 Star Logos

Everyone wants to be a star nowadays, which may be why star logos are all around us. This shape denotes excellence, quality, and at times alternative culture. The following ten-star logos [...]

Top 10 Transparent Logos

Top 10 Transparent Logos: There was a time when transparency was somewhat of a no-no in logo design. While they certainly make for attractive and meaningful logos, images with multiple layers [...]

Top 10 Guitar Logo Designs

Top 10 Guitar Logo Designs: Few of us play guitar, but almost all of us will recognize many of these logo designs. They all have in common A guitar logo design.

Top 10 Similar Logos

Top 10 Similar Logos: Having a logo that is similar bordering on identical to another can be a branding nightmare.

Top 10 Modern Art Logos

Top 10 Modern Art Logos: When you really look at it, some of the world’s most iconic logos are reminiscent of modern art. Think of the ultra-stylized Nike swoosh, for example. There are several [...]

Top 10 Classic Video Game Logos

Top 10 Classic Video Game Logos: Why is a Classic Video Game brand from decades ago relevant today? Many of these identities have survived longer than the companies that they represent, becoming [...]

Top 10 Wave Logos

Top 10 Wave Logos: A wave is more than a result of the tides; it is a symbol of movement and change. Just as the tide brings in fresh water.

Top 10 Art Supply Logos

Top 10 Art Supply Logos: a collection of art supply company logo designs that will keep children occupied and busy this summer.

Top 10 Forward Thinking Logos

The following companies and the forward thinking logos that represent them offer food as a form of forward thinking, each in very different ways.

Top 10 Sun Logos

The following sun logos come from a variety of industries, from beverages to television networks to solar energy, but they all use the sun as a central image.

Top Ten School Identities

Top Ten School Identities: We have talked on this blog about high school logo design before, but these almost always mean large public colleges or Universities.

Clash of the Jeans Logos

Almost everyone wears jeans, and most of us have our favorite brands. Because this is an industry with immense brand loyalty, building a brand and a logo design that invites a following is a [...]

The Top 10 Energy Industry Logos

Gas stations tend to be clustered in the same area and to offer the exact same product at a price that differs by just pennies. Because of this, many people choose their gas station based on [...]

Top 10 Professional Blogger Logos

There was a time when bloggers logos and writers logos were a fringe group sharing their feelings about politics and their recipe for awesome peanut butter cookies.

Top 10 Florist Logos

We don’t think a lot about florist logos, but there is no doubt that they have an impact on consumer behavior.

Top 10 Simple Logos (Yet Effective Logos)

You may not spend a lot of time thinking about the Nike logo, but it nonetheless has a very powerful subconscious effect. Here are the top ten simple logo designs, along with what exactly makes [...]

Top 10 Loving Heart Logos

Loving Heart Logos - What’s in a heart? Not only is this shape a representative of love and affection, it also is the life force of the human body.

Top 10 Green Logos

The following ten green logos use this color to communicate important information about their companies, although they approach this in very different ways.

Top 10 Bar Logos

There was a time when bars and other drinking establishments paid very little attention to branding. The assumption was that people were there to drink, not to buy into a brand.

Top 10 Black and White Logos

There are several advantages to having a black and white logo design. First, it can hint at sophistication. Second, it gives a factual, ‘black and white’ image. From a practical standpoint, black [...]

Top 10 Vegetarian Logos

Businesses catering to this niche market is finding huge success. Here are the top ten vegetarian and vegan food logos, created to appeal to a very discerning and even picky group of eaters.

Top 10 Punctuation Logos

We see punctuation all around us, yet most of us think very little about it. However, punctuation can be very powerful in communicating emotion and speaking patterns, be it a pause or a sense of [...]

Top 10 Neon Logos

Neon logos used to be popular due to their resemblance to the most commonly used signs of their times. However, they went out of mode and the style was seldom seen again until very recently.

Top 10 Multicolored Logos

Every competent logo designer will tell you that the use of color is a very important part of your logo design and your brand.

Top 10 Golf Course Logos

Golf is a huge international sport, with people from all over the world planning vacations and fun weekends spent on the green. This makes golf brand logo designs very important because they must [...]

Top 10 Blue Colored Logos

The following ten Blue Colored Logos use blue to their best advantage, communicating a variety of emotions.

Top 10 Golf Brand Logos

Do you think about what type of golf clubs you buy? If you are like many golfers, a great deal of daydreaming is dedicated to this topic. People buy a certain brand not just for its technological [...]

Top Ten American Landmark Logos

With more and more nonprofit and government entities finding success in marketing themselves like private industry, the people who manage American landmarks are beginning to turn their eye on branding.

Top 10 Dirt Bike Racing Logos

Racing is a logo oriented industry. There is a huge potential for publicity if a sponsored racer wins or otherwise receives media attention. On the other hand, it can be a real challenge to make [...]

Top 10 City Tourism Logos

With the economy in less than stellar shape, city tourism agencies must be more vigilant than ever in marketing their area as a place for a vacation.

Top 10 Psychedelic Logo Designs

Psychedelic logo designs are one of the hot trends right now, but many questions how long this will last. There is a high chance that this genre, like any trend, will soon become as dated as [...]

Top 10 Mosaic Logo Designs

Mosaics are hot in the art world and home decoration logos right now, and they are a booming trend in logo design as well. As with any trend, this type of logo can be executed in an overly [...]

Top 10 Sushi Logos

Top 10 Sushi Logos - Sushi restaurants are white hot in the United States, with restaurants popping up in even the most mundane towns all over the nation.

Top 10 Newspaper Logos

Many people think that all newspaper logos are the same: archaic type in basic black and white.

Top 10 Origami Logo Designs

As we have discussed on top 10 logo design trends of 2009, origami logo designs are a hot trend right now. With more designs and more creative ones, popping up all over the world, we thought this [...]

Top 10 World’s Fair Logos

World's Fair logos must be on top of their game. Not only must they appeal to people in their area, but they must also reach out to an international audience.

Top 10 Online Web Application Logo Designs

Many people have heard of Web 2.0 logos, but few understand exactly what the Web Application Logo genre entails. As with many forms of graphic art, this type of logo design is best understood by [...]

Top 10 Office Supply Logos

If you are like most Americans, you encounter these logos every day on everything from reams of paper to correction tape. However, most people don’t stop and think about them, which may be why [...]

Top 10 Film Festival Logos

Why do film festivals need logos? Just like a business, a festival must be aggressively marketed in order to find success and get the word out about their brand.

Top 10 Tropical Logos

Are you ready to feel warm for a few minutes? These tropical logos may not give you a tan, but they will definitely bring up images of warm sand and palm trees.

Top 10 Skateboarding Logos

Skateboarding brands are generally thought of as being run in a way that is counter to consumer culture, but they must follow the same basic branding rules as every other company.

Top 10 Musical Instrument Logos

How do you buy a musical instrument? In this uber-competitive industry, image reigns supreme. Because logo design is a huge part of the brand image.

Top 10 Chemical Company Logos

Chemicals are all around us, so much so that we rarely even think about them. Chemicals are in the products we use to clean outhouses, the fuel we pump into our gas tank, and the products we use [...]

Top 10 Alcohol Logos

Alcohol beverages are popular throughout most of the world, making this a huge global industry. However, this is an image-conscious industry where a drink must have not only a certain taste but a [...]

Top 10 Political Organization Logos

Whether you personally like it or not, political lobbies are a part of the American political landscape. These organizations must focus intensely on public image.

Top 10 Donut Shop Logo Designs

Stopping for coffee and a donut on the way to work is something of a tradition for many people. However, how do these people choose which donut shop to drive through?

Top 10 Auto Store Logos

A lot has been written about the logo designs of different car companies, but what of the many stores that offer products and accessories for these expensive machines?

Top 10 Theme Park Logos

What must a theme park logo design convey? In some cases, family-friendly fun is the desired brand. For others, a sense of technological thrill and superiority are the main message. Whatever the [...]

Top 10 Ambigram Logos

What is an ambigram? Simply put, it is a word that is creatively drawn so that it forms the same word when viewed from another angle. There are many variations of the ambigram, but the following [...]

Top 10 Denim Logos

Almost everyone in the United States wears denim on a regular basis, and most of these people also have a favorite denim brand. Some of these customer loyalty is due to the fit and cut of the [...]

Top 10 Blue Collar Logos

‘Blue collar’ is not just a socioeconomic class, but a term that millions of Americans identify with. Many companies began to realize the power of ‘blue collar’ marketing.

Top 10 Las Vegas Logos

Most people don’t associate Sin City with logos, but there are plenty of great logo designs to look at when walking Las Vegas’ busy streets. These logos are intended to entice people planning [...]

Top 10 Steakhouse Logos

Most people love steak and are more than willing to try the fare at an old-fashioned steakhouse. However, there are so many competitors in this niche market of the restaurant field.

Top 10 Google Logos

Everyone knows what the Google logo design looks like, right? However, few people realize that Google has a variety of programs, each with a logo that stands on its own.

Top 10 Healthy Diet Food Logos

If you are one of the many Americans planning to lose weight as a New Year’s resolution, you aren’t alone. With over half of the nation obese or overweight, dieting is big business in the United [...]

Top 10 Eyewear Brand Logos

Almost everyone owns a pair of sunglasses. While this decision is based on more than fashion alone, many people make this decision with brand sensibility in mind.

Top 10 Board Game Logos

These board games represent not just some of the most entertaining games, but the ones with the best sports logo designs and the best brands as well, not unlike the top 10 gaming logos.

Top 10 Tea Company Logos

Americans have recently rediscovered tea, with the formerly dowdy drink now being given the same respect as coffee and even fine wine. As such, a variety of tea companies new and old are courting [...]

Top 10 Literary Publishing Logos

Literary publishing is one of the most lucrative businesses on the globe. Even with digital media becoming the most renowned superstar of our age, at the end of the day many people turn to an [...]

Top 10 Cigar Logos

Cigar logos are different from just about every other food and drink logo. They tend to have highly detailed designs, although as we will see there are notable exceptions.

Top 10 Beach Resort Logos

‘Tis the season to dream of warm weather and sandy beaches. While the rest of us are bundled up like Eskimos, there are places in the world where a bikini is the perfect December fashion statement.

Top 10 Negative Space Logos

What is negative space? In everyday terms, it is a design term for creating the illusion of an image without actually drawing it. Negative space can be used in a clever way to create interesting [...]

Top 10 High Energy Drink Logos

What makes a high energy logo? There are a variety of ways to communicate the movement and vigor. A high energy product needs a dynamic, energetic food and drink logos just like these top 10 [...]

Top 10 Jewelry Logos | Jewelry Logo

People can live without jewelry and watches, yet most people wear both often, on a daily basis in fact. Jewelry logos are selling an expensive product that has no physical use but is nonetheless [...]

Top 10 Cell Phone Logos

When a cell phone rings, everyone in the room reaches into a pocket or a purse. This is because they are ubiquitous in our society—a modern necessity.

Top 10 Superhero Logos

As with so many companies, the public doesn’t see the face of most superheroes. Unlike most companies, these masked defenders of the common good cannot put out press releases or embark on [...]

Top 10 Makeup Brand Logos

Makeup is a unique appearance oriented industry, with millions of women all over the globe striving to improve their own appearance using this product. This makes branding very important, as [...]

Top 10 Teen Store Logos

Perhaps no target customer is more brand-conscious than the teenager. Most teens have their favorite clothes labels and will wear the logo prominently displayed on every article of apparel they [...]

Top 10 Organic Food Brand Logos

Organic food is big business in the United States, with more and more people looking for a cleaner, greener alternative to conventional processed foods.

Top 10 Kitchen Appliance Logos

Buying home and kitchen appliances is a confusing process for most people. There are so many options in the United States, each with its own set of special features.

Top 10 Ice Cream Shop Logos

In the dead heat of summer, few things sound as good as an ice cream cone, sundae, or frozen yogurt. If a summer treat company has a cool, refreshing cafe logo, they can be sure that their [...]

Top 10 Gaming Logos

Much has been said about the logos of major gaming platforms, from X-Box to the Nintendo Wii. However, these are not the only logos on a video game box. In fact, game design companies are big [...]

Top 10 Skin Care Product Logos

Anti-aging and skin care is huge business in the United States. People are willing to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars for a skin treatment or skin cream that appears to offer a [...]

Top 10 Mini-Mart Logos

Mini-marts are emporiums of impulse purchases. They offer products that people don’t actively shop for, but merely ‘pick up’ while they are in transit from one place to another. Because impulse [...]

Top 10 Museum Logos

Because there are a lot of creative minds at a museum, their logos tend to be some of the most innovative and creative on the market. Here are ten museum logos that are winners both in their [...]

Top 10 Classic Logos

While rebranding is a necessary step for most companies as people and societies evolve through the decades, some logos seem to withstand the test of time (see Top 5 Rebranding Mistakes). The [...]

Top 10 Candy Bar Logos

Candy bars demand a logo that stands out in the crowd. People generally buy candy either out of product loyalty or as a spontaneous decision. Candy is generally sold besides hundreds of other [...]

Top 10 Over The Counter Logo Designs

Over the counter medications are selling more than a pill or syrup with a prescription from a clinic. They are also selling a solution to many of life’s most vexing problems: headaches, colds, [...]

Top 10 Sports League Logos

Nowhere is the role of a sports logo design more important than in major league sports. The sports logo must not only rally players and teams but fans as well. Sports leagues may not have [...]

The 10 Ten Biker Logos

Motorcycle riders tend to be very brand loyal when it comes to their bikes. Many enthusiasts have a favorite brand and simply will not deviate from it. While some of this loyalty is due to the [...]

Top 10 Popular Websites Logo Designs

Websites are all around us in our digital age. While many of these websites represent businesses that have physical locations, others are purely digital domains, web businesses with no brick and [...]

Top 10 logos from the United Nations

The United Nations is a global organization that is known to almost everyone on the planet. The UN features many different organizations within its umbrella, all with a different purpose. As we [...]

Top 10 Government Agency Logos

These government agency logos are similar in their message to the top 10 USA political party logos. Here are ten very different government agency logos along with what makes them so successful.

Top 10 Breakfast Cereal Logos

Why study cereal logos? When it comes to food and drink logo branding, breakfast cereals are pulling out all the stops. From bright colors to endorsements from popular characters to constantly [...]

Top 10 Toy Company Logos

Often, just as much time and money go into developing a logo and brand image for a toy as went into actually developing the toy. This is because toy designers and executives know that the quality [...]

Top 10 Wearable Places to Put a Logo

Americans are logo oriented people, especially when it comes to logo apparel. Everywhere you look, there are clothing items covered with logos. You and your business can get in on this trend by [...]

Top 10 Street Sign Logos

Many people do not believe that travel logos are all around them, having a subconscious effect on their behavior. If you are one of these people, here is some evidence that may change your mind: [...]

Top 10 USA Political Party Logos

Politicians are constantly trying to sell themselves, which is why political logos are so powerful and well-designed. While the United States is generally run by two main parties, there are [...]

Top 10 Household Product Logos

While many people think that they choose cleaning products randomly, the fact is that there are millions of dollars being spent on logos that influence.

Top 10 Global Logos

Have you ever wondered how a company grows from a small business to an international giant? The logo is at least one piece of these success stories. Here are ten companies that are dominating [...]

Top 10 Presidential Campaign Logos

Can custom logo design have an effect on a nation’s history? In the case of presidential elections, absolutely! While no logo can singlehandedly get someone elected, it can provide a springboard [...]

Top 10 National Flag Logos

Logos are all around us, so much so that few people give any thought to them. One good example of logos that have a daily subconscious impact are national flags.

Top Ten Vacation Logos

The key goal of vacation-related logos is to inspire trust. After all, it takes an immense amount of trust to pay large sums of money in advance to visit a place you have never seen or to step [...]

Top 10 Restaurant Identities

Restaurant Identities – How do you choose a restaurant? Often, this decision is based on the quality or type of food, the location, or the restaurant’s location. Some people carefully [...]

Top 10 Sports Teams Logos

Sports Teams Logos - A collection of top 10 sports teams logo designs from around the world with a review of the design along with insights and design tips.

Top 10 Olympics Logos

Once a mere sporting contest, the Olympic Games are now a major event that receives worldwide attention and coverage. Each set of games has its own location, traditions, and a professional sports logo.

Top 10 Children Logos

While advertisers once marketed exclusively to parents, children are now a consumer force to be reckoned with. There are special foods, clothing, accessories, soft toys, and even furniture [...]

TV Channel Logos

TV Channel Logos - These logos do a great job of expressing the network’s values and purpose so viewers know exactly what to expect.

Top 10 Eco Friendly Company Logos

The top 10 eco-savvy company logos on this list all use different strategies with a compelling effect which results in a visually attractive logo.

Top 10 Hottest Coffee Shop Logos

What exactly makes a coffee shop logo or a cafe logo stand out? The answer depends on the coffee shop and the people it is trying to pull in. For some coffee houses, excellence might mean [...]

Top 10 Online Boutique Logos | Boutique Logo

Bring In Sales with a Unique Boutique Logo Do you own a boutique? Whether you are selling haute couture, funky alternative jewelry, or upscale children’s clothing, your boutique has almost no [...]

Top 10 Online Travel Website Logos

SideStep.com SideStep is a meta search engine for travel: it searches and consolidates results from more than 200 travel websites. The site searches more than 150,000 hotels and 600 airlines in [...]

Top 10 Pizza Company Logos

A collection of the top 10 pizza companies and their logo designs. Almost everyone loves pizza and there are great pizza franchises around every corner.

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