Logo Design Works From Award Winning Logo Designers!

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Award Winning Logo Design

Since 1998 SpellBrand has been doing one thing continuously and consistently – creating logo design works and brand identities. In fact for the first 12 years, we did nothing else. Day in and day out, we worked on logo design projects and honed our skills. We became masters of the art of logo design. Our team remained pretty much the same with very little churning and this helped our logo designers develop their skills and expertise.

Logo design landscape has changed a lot in the past few years. It went from being an art form to being a commodity. During this time we have witnessed the rise of the corrupt and immoral “crowd sourcing” industry that threatened to destroy the brand identity industry and all the design professionals that treated the industry with respect.

But we were not deterred and kept doing what we did best and created the best logo design works. We did not give up or pivot or change course. We kept designing logos – the right way! Not cutting corners. Not compromising. Not taking advantage of the design community – like how the logo contest websites do. And best of all, we kept our sights on quality, strategy, copyright laws and the best interests of our client’s businesses and their success.

Designing a logo is much more than pushing shapes around a design software and then applying colors. It goes being just the aesthetics. It dwells deep into the essence of the business and distills a core message into a visual metaphor. Strategy and messaging play an important role in creating effective logos. You can see this in the above logo design examples.

On this page you see a collection of some of our client logo designs. These are examples of logo designs both big and small, complex and simple, pretty and not so pretty ones. Enjoy! After seeing the above logo design samples, if you would like to engage us to create your brand’s logo, please contact us today and talk to one of our brand specialists.