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Logo Design Tips

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Sketching An Important Aspect Of Logo Designing

By Logo Design Tips, Logo Designing

The mighty Saul Bass said: “Design is thinking made visual” and this is very much so in the logo design field. Creating logo designs that are just graphics with no thought or storyline associated with them is not only a waste of the designer’s time but more importantly is a disservice to the client.

In today’s market place, competition is tough and hence small businesses find it very difficult coming up with the funds to have a properly designed brand identity. When an entrepreneur first starts a company, their focus is on bootstrapping and spending as little as they can. That is a smart thing to do. But an even more smarter thing to do is to prioritize spending and spend on things that make the most impact on the businesses success.
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How Important Is Your Logo Design To Your Business?

By Logo Design Tips, Logo Designing
Most often than not, businesses owners perceive their company logo design as an item on the check list to get done when starting out on their new venture or launching a new company. Usually considerable care, time and effort are invested in coming up with the perfect business name, which is great! The right name is the foundation stone of a great brand. If you are on this path of starting a new business, then this article would definitely make you pause and think.
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Can Your Logo Design Effect Your Bottom line?

By Logo Design Tips

Start-up companies and for that matter, companies that have already been established often fail to see the relationship between proper branding and visual identity and the results they have on their bottom line. I do not say this because I run an online logo design company but rather because of facts and research that is available out there.

8 times of 10, my experience when conversing with a potential client, we tend to spend a lot of time discussing why the budget for getting a logo design is so high, relatively speaking, and why they should invest that on their company brand identity. It starts with the premise that the client does need a logo design or brand identity and are looking to get this done in the least amount of money possible.
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Logo Design Trends

By Logo Design Tips, Logo Designing

I’ve shared a few of the most notable trends below by picking out logos that we have created that fall with in these logo trends. By sharing this, I aim to Expose you to some of the more popular logo design trends, Expand your design sensibilities, Help you identify which direction you’d like your brand’s logo to take.

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What really makes a logo tick?

By Logo Design Tips, Logo Designing
Memorable logos have a special place in the minds and hearts of people. As visual references for a company or group, logos bring vivid memories or instant reputations whenever they are seen. But what really makes a logo design tick? Is there a special formula to its success? We’ll take a look at some of the enduring logos in the world to see how they have succeeded:
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