Logo Design Sings “Happy Birthday to Me!”


Google is well known for changing their logo to celebrate a variety of occasions. In just this past month, we have seen a Flintstone’s logo, and several other events have inspired their own Google design.  Google events have included foreign holidays such as Bastille Day and modern pop icons such as Pac-Man. However, three weeks ago Google took a break from celebrating other people’s events to blow out the candles for a very important milestone: the company’s twelfth birthday.

Has it really been only twelve years since this life changing company came into the world? It is difficult to imagine a world without googling your favorite topic or without programs such as Adsense and Gmail. Google’s present to themselves was a logo design featuring the well recognized company font and color scheme, but used to write the words ‘Happy Birthday’. Google also created a Google Doodle Cake for the occasion. Indeed, it is hard to think of an adult who puts this amount of energy into celebrating their own birthday, although it should be pointed out that Google is a barely adolescent twelve years old as of just a few days ago.

Google has a long history of using special logo designs to celebrate different events. It all began with a Doodle created to celebrate, of all events, Bastille Day. Over the years since, there have been over 300 different ‘Doodle’ logos. Several employees work on these projects, with one person appointed to merely overseeing the ongoing project. This type of variety can cost money, although many Google users in different companies look forward to certain holidays merely to see the new Google logo.

Google has been an internet success story for more than a decade now due to a great brand and an iconic logo design. Although the logo design changes with different events, one of which is seen here, it is still a recognizable entity due to how simple and yet unique it is. Google recently changed the font slightly, but even this could not take away from the memorable nature of the logo. Google is a great example of logo design success, one that designers all over the world are trying to emulate every day.

Is it a little vain to design a logo simply to celebrate yourself? Perhaps a little, but it is hard to think of a company that deserves it more. Google has managed to make itself a positive and yet pervasive fixture in the lives of Americans and people all over the world. Twelve years of market dominance is certainly something to celebrate!

If you think holiday logos may be right for your company, talk to a logo designer today. There are many pros and cons to this, but a logo designer should be able to keep your apprised of them. With education, you can make the right decisions, ones that will help your company reach the prominence and renown of this search engine giant.