Logo Design, Packaging and Your Brand


Many small business owners have a logo design created and then think that they are done with branding. Phew! Finished! Nice to have that over and done with! Unfortunately, branding is so much more than just a logo. While your logo design is certainly an important part of your brand, the foundation of it even, it is important that your stationery, packaging and other visual elements be designed to appeal to customers and to tie in with your brand.

Packaging is one of the most important parts of your brand because it is an aspect that your customers will be seeing on an ongoing basis. In many cases, your packaging will determine whether someone makes that important first purchase and also whether they continue to buy your products. How often have you walked into a store and grabbed what looked good? This is a common, even typical shopping behavior for Americans. The way that your logo design and brand are portrayed on packaging will determine whether your package design is the one that they grab from the shelf.

No industry is more prone to customer whim than that of food and drink. Honest Tea is one relatively small business that has created a great deal of success for their brand with good products and great branding. The company regularly redesigns their package to stay competitive in a competitive field. The former Honest Tea bottles featured a white background with heavy black bands that bore the name of the company as well as details about the product. A colored letter indicated the flavor, along with an image of the key ingredient at one side. The color scheme is significant; Honest Tea is marketed as a simple and adult choice in beverages, so bright colors and cartoony  images are not the right choice here. Black and white were and remain the main color palette of both the food and drink logo design and the company packaging.

The new packaging has taken this adult simplicity to a new level. The company name/logo design and product information have been taken out of the black band and placed in simple letters on the white background. The letter indicating the flavor is still present, but the images related to the flavor now fill the letter rather than sitting beside them. This packaging is a huge improvement over the prior one and does more to portray this brand as a simple and straightforward option. There is more continuity as well; the Garamond font that is used in the logo design is now the main font on the label.

The Honest Ade line that is owned by Honest Tea will be similar, but feature large and stylized images of fruit rather than the single letter. Like the tea packaging, it is simple and clean, with the logo as the basis of the rest of the design.

You don’t have to redesign your packaging constantly in order to be successful in your industry; a great design will have the staying power to last for years. However, it is important that your product packaging look professional and function as an extension of your brand.

The Value of Packaging in Your Company

Does packaging really matter? Some entrepreneurs do not want to spend exta money on packaging, firmly believing that the product is very important above all. Besides, most packaging end up in trash cans anyway. On the other hand, others believe in its power to attract customers and encourage product trial.

The best way to settle the debate is to provide some proof on this subject. According to Psychology Blog, product packaging matters. The site has an interesting study about how good wine packaging increases food consumption.

You might think packaging is exclusive to the retail industry, but it is not. It is important even in commodities like sand or sugar. If you look closely, packaging is the first thing your customers feel, see, and buy.

More importantly, it is not an isolated design but very connected with your company and branding. Some business experts say it is a tangible proof of your business’ strong collaboration between marketing, advertising, and even supply chain or logistics.

Perhaps, the soap Dove is a good example of excellent packaging that conveys the brand image consistently – purity and simplicity.