Logo Design Lessons from Google


We know the search engine giant Google is the most valuable brand in the whole world. Yet, its logo design is made of simple font and basic colors. Although it has enough money to do a logo makeover, Google has maintained its logo to represent the simplicity and user-friendliness of its search engine.

Instead, it opted to do what big and small businesses dare not to do – play with its logo. For many years Google is constantly tweaking its logo for special events and holidays like:

New Year




Lesson #1. Certain level of flexibility is important in this period where blogging, social networking, mash-ups, user-generated content rule the web. You may try to play and integrate content into your business logo to break the monotony. Google is no longer alone in this category. Brands like Gap, Apple, and American Eagle are making some modifications with their brands in the (Product) Red campaign.

However, not everybody is happy with this logo-tweaking activity of Google. Recently, it became a subject of harsh criticisms by many conservatives for its lack of patriotism. According to a news report:

The Mountain View, Calif., company bathes its logo in stars and stripes every Independence Day, but last week’s decision to honor the 50th anniversary of the Sputnik launch — the second “g” in Google was replaced with a drawing of the Soviet satellite — is being blasted by some conservatives.


Not only did Google honor an achievement by a totalitarian regime that was our Cold War enemy, they griped, but it did so without having ever altered its logo to commemorate U.S. military personnel on Memorial Day or Veterans Day.

Lesson #2. Put your customers first. Changes in your logo should be relevant to your products or services. Take time to consult with a logo designer (read logo designer expression thoughts) so it won’t look like a vandalized version of your original logo.