Logo Design in Full Bloom


We have seen many airlines rebrand in recent months. Even if the companies do not go as far as changing their logo design, they certainly are rethinking their brand and putting extra effort into marketing toward their customer base as seen in the recent changes at British Airways. A new example of this comes from the other side of the globe, in Taiwan, although we will certainly be seeing this new logo design in the UK.

China Airlines has been using their familiar plum blossom logo since 1995. In the former logo design, the plum blossom image is joined by the name of the airline written in thin, slightly italicized lettering with somewhat exotic feeling serifs. A woodblock seal is placed in red on a lighter blue line below the writing. This logo is airy and light, which is always a good thing for an airline logo design. In addition, it is directly specific to the region that the airline calls home.

The new logo design is very similar, although the differences give a different feeling. The woodblock seal is placed less noticeably next to the plum blossom, and the writing has been taken out of italics and made a little thicker. It simply feels more substantial, with less of the lightness of the old logo design. This seems to be somewhat of a trend in the field. The serifs have been kept, although they are less obvious in the thicker writing.

Why rebrand? Well, we noted before, many airlines are adopting new logo designs or at least new branding schemes. No one wants to be the ‘old’ airline in the midst of shiny airplanes bearing new livery. In addition, China Airlines recently joined the SkyTeam airline alliance. They are moving the company in new directions, which means that a new brand and logo design are in order. This new logo is simpler than the old and more recognizable. It will work equally well in a variety of cultures, which is important for an international airline. In addition, it just feels more modern, maybe simply because it is a change from the old.

If your UK small business is moving in a new direction, whether it is introducing new products, making new alliances or simply marketing to a changing consumer base, a new brand and logo design may be a great external way of showing internal changes. A new logo design can help you break into a new market as well, because it can be created to be more appealing to any given group.

As we can see in the before and after logos of China Airlines, a new logo does not have to be a huge change from the old. Instead, a professional logo designer can take the elements that are still relevant and rework them into a new and modern image. Although the logo design process can be intimidating, regular updates are the only way to remain relevant in the eyes of your customer base.