Zee TV Redesigned Logo

By Mash Bonigala

You may never have heard about Zee TV, but here’s why you should care about its TV Channel logo design: It is one of the most popular television channels in the world. Although it is a relevant newcomer to the global network scene (Zee TV was established in 1992), this leading Indian channel now owns 25 separate channels in a large number of countries. The new media logo design for Zee TV will be seen by hundreds of millions of loyal television viewers, making it much more momentous than most of the channels we cover.

Like the channel, the Zee TV logo design must have been born in the nineties. It is bright to say the least and virtually assaults the senses with a superhero-like Z in front of an angled bright yellow square. The combination of purple, yellow, and blue is almost too much. On the other hand, it is an eye catching logo, and it will be equally recognizable whether placed in the bottom corner of a tiny television screen or blown up on a billboard.

The new Zee TV logo is definitely different, both in style and in mood. It features the same aqua blue as the old logo, but the yellow and purple are now gone. The Z is thicker and sits squarely in the logo design rather than diagonally. The Zee is blocky and square, giving a solid and stable image to viewers. The slightly rounded corners soften this impression, and the wavy line flowing through the letter adds a little movement.

According to the press release that accompanied the logo change, the wavy line flowing through the letter Z is supposed to be an upward “flourish” signifying the “upward movement of desires and wishes.” As if that does not seem to be reading a bit too much into a single line, it also has been called a rainbow of hope.

Both logos seem overdone to our American eyes, but they are not really made for our American eyes. They are made for a culture where color is embraced in daily life. Although Zee TV has many channels that offer programming in several nations, their brand is aimed at South Asia. Thus, the logo design needs to be created for this unique market. If this channel were trying to woo the American or European markets, it would not work well in competition with the more serious, business-like network logos that we are used to.

This logo redesign is interesting mainly because it reminds us that the American market is not the only market out there. Zee TV is as popular as Discovery and other well-known American channels, but in a different market. When you are creating a logo design, you must consider the tastes and sensibilities of the market you are trying to reach. This is an especially important consideration for companies that plan to go global at some point. The logo design that works in your current area may need redesigned in order to be successful in another.