Logo Design for Radio 1 Teen Awards


A New Teen Friendly Logo Design for Radio 1 Teen Awards

How do you promote the first ever Radio 1 teen awards ceremony and get young people from all over the UK to tune in? First, you invite popular stars such as The Wanted and Taylor Swift. Second, you design a brand and a logo design that will appeal to your young audience. Third, you give your young audience the chance to have a say in the awards and their recipients.

The BBC so far has accomplished their goal. The Teen Awards, which aired on 14 November, had performances from the best known names in music. Hosted by Radio 1 DJs, the show offered awards in less conventional areas such as Teen Hero and Teen Entrepreneur.

A huge part of any teen brand is making young people feel that they have a say in the company and its offerings. The Teen Awards accomplished this by allowing their young listeners to nominate teenagers who they thought deserved recognition for various achievements. The final selections were made by a carefully selected panel of judges. Teens also were allowed to vote for the recipients of the music awards given in the show for categories such as Best Song and Best Actor or Actress.

This award show further showed good branding and marketing principles by distinguishing itself from other similar awards. They did this by being one of the only teen music awards to recognize the contributions of everyday teens that are making good decisions and helping their community.

The logo design for this awards show is also well branded. Youthful bright colours and a variety of fonts are used to write the name of the event. This suggests that a variety of young stars will be featured. The design is decidedly teen, but the name of the radio station sponsoring it is shown above. This will make sure that young people watching the show associate it with the BBC and Radio 1, creating a positive association that may create lifelong brand loyalties.

Reaching out to teen markets can be a uniquely challenging task. Young people tend to prefer brands that have been created especially for their age group and reject anything that feels like it was made by or for adults. This group of consumers also tends to appreciate ‘having their say’ more than older consumers and to have a higher awareness of popular culture. Although the Radio 1 Teen Awards are a good example of using logo design to reach out to this group, this is not the only way to do so. There are a variety of ways to appeal to young audiences, and new and unique approaches can be just as effective or even more so.

Few businesses in the UK are as well branded as the BBC. The Radio 1 Teen Awards are a good example of how this is accomplished. If you are trying to reach a young audience, talk to a logo design today about how you can use your logo and your brand to their best advantage.