Logo Design for a Cause

By Mash Bonigala

What can rally people in the UK to prevent HIV and AIDS while continuing to support research and services for people dealing with the disease? The Body Shop has created a new logo design that they hope will promote the cause. This logo design was a prominent part of the Body Shop World AIDS Day exhibition last week. The event featured photographs by well-known UK photographer Rankin and launched a global campaign in partnership with the United Nations.

The new campaign urges people in the UK and all over the world to become more active for the cause of HIV and AIDS. Called The Be An Activist campaign, it features a new logo design and a range of products designed especially for the event.

We all recognize the iconic red ribbon. This logo design is a slightly different take on this classic. It features the ribbon shape in a stencil like design. The background is red rather than the ribbon itself. Below, The Body Shop name and sometimes the campaign name are displayed.

A portion of the profits from products bearing this logo design will be given to various HIV and AIDS charities. However, fund raising is not the only purpose of this logo design. Raising awareness and support is a key component as well. While this was once a popular cause, fervour has died down and many have moved on to other pet causes in the thirty years since the virus first became an issue. However, there are currently more than thirty million people living with HIV or AIDS right now. These people, many of whom live in third world countries without adequate healthcare or other resources, are as deserving of help as those in the past.

Coloured ribbons have been increasingly in advocacy logo design over the past century. The first known cases of this were in World War II, when a yellow ribbon signified support for the troops among people living in the United States. Similar practices soon began to pop up in other countries. However, these advocacy ribbons did not take on their signature looped over shape until the early nineties, when the red ribbon in this shape came to symbolize support for people dealing with the virus that causes HIV and AIDS. Since then, ribbons in different colours have been used to show support for a variety of causes. Besides the red ribbon, the pink ribbon is a popular symbol.

In many ways, this is logo design at its best. We see what a simple image can do: creating heightened concern and awareness where this is warranted. While inspiring certain consumer behaviours and loyalties is important, it is even more important to care for your fellow man, especially those who are living with extraordinary challenges. The Body Shop’s red ribbon range will accomplish all of these goals while showing that they are a brand that cares. If you have a favourite cause, don’t be afraid to let it show both personally and in your business. You’d be surprised at how many more customers will patronize a business that cares.