Logo Design Aims to Strike Out Hunger


Logo design is not always about promoting a business or reaching out to customers. Sometimes logo design has a more altruistic mission. The logo for the 2011 South Atlantic League “Strike Out Hunger” All-Star Game is one such example. Sponsored by the Delmarva Shorebirds, this event aims to raise money and food for food banks in Delmarva and surrounding areas, which have been running low on supplies due to the higher rate of unemployment. This will be the first game of its sort for this organization, but it hopefully will not be the last. Plans are already in the works to make this an annual event if it works out well this year.

The logo design features the Shorebird for which the team is named, but in a distinctly unbirdlike shape. The bird has been fit into the shape of a star shape to relate to the all star nature of the basketball game. The team colors of red and deep orange are also in use here. The large beveled letters add to the all star feeling as well as giving a feeling of substance and prominence. Perdue, probably the most prominent of the many sponsors of the event, has their logo placed in a discreet but unmistakable position at the bottom of the design. This tiny element might not be so noticeable if its colors and shape were not so different from the rest of the logo, adding contrast that draws in the eye.

The event was announced last week with representatives from the team, the sponsors, and several food banks from the Maryland and Delaware shore present at the press conference. It was also announced that the event itself would be preceded by three days of fun and excitement related to the event. The time frame for this fundraiser will begin on June 20 and culminate with the All Star game on the 22nd.

Small businesses and teams are not the only entities that need professional design services. Special events and charities can also benefit from good logo design. In this case, the logo will attract more people to the event. This will ensure that the event takes place every year while giving more assistance to local food banks at a time when they need it most.

People in the United States want to give their time and money to help others, but there are many charities of varying legitimacy and efficacy vying for our efforts. Whether you are trying to elicit help or sales from your community, you must convince people that they will get the desired results from their investment. In many ways it is easier to sell a charity than a product, but nonprofit marketing brings other challenges as well. The important thing is that you use logo design and other visual elements to create the most attractive and inviting charity event possible. This will ensure maximum support and maximum profit for the charity of your choice.